Europe loosens the noose

This is precisely what the organisers of the artificial Covid panic and hysteria have wanted to achieve since Day One: as of July 1, all member states (excluding Ireland) have begun accepting new travel documents known as EUCOVID certificates.

Passports, that is, that confirm that the person crossing the border has been inoculated (or tested) against the virus that causes several upper respiratory system ailments but is less deadly than your normal, run-of-the-mill flu. Confirming that these people did what they were told, disregarding the fact that NONE of the so-called vaccines had passed its clinical tests (the soonest date for this is 2023, that is, two years hence).

That this is a crime against humanity matters not. Definitely not to EU chief poohbah, Ursula von der Leyden.

According to Ms. von der Leyden, this is great news. She tweeted thus: “In time for summer! The #EUCOVIDCertificate is now up and running. Get yours today to ease your travel across the EU. Europe is re-opening!”

As cynical a statement as cynical can get.

Here’s the real meaning: we’ve closed everything, and now, we’ve re-opened a door here or there, and we’ll let you through provided you’ve obeyed and did as we bid.

The idea that travel throughout the European Union is to be free for all without any hindrance is now gone out of the window.

Bureaucrats rule

The decision about the certificates is in direct contradiction with a recent decision adopted by the Council of Europe, that is, a group that includes EU member states’ heads of states or governments.

That august body, a.k.a. CoE, has adopted a resolution earlier this year. Numbered 2361 (2021), it tells EU member states that vaccination is NOT be made mandatory.

Of course, mainstream media, like Reuters, have been fighting for straws and found two: CoE resolutions, it said, are not mandatory. They do carry a certain political and moral weight only, and, besides, Reuters said, vaccination passports are not the same kind of document as vaccination certificates.

Reuters said the information on the CoE resolution was, therefore, false.

Judge for yourself:

According to the CoE resolution, EU member states are obligated to:

  • 7.3.1 make certain that citizens are informed about the fact that vaccination is not compulsory, and that nobody would face political, social or any other pressure to get vaccinated, until they do not wish to do it;
  • 7.3.2 ensure that nobody is discriminated against for not being vaccinated because of possible health risks or because they did not wish to be vaccinated;
  • 7.1.5 introduce independent compensation programs for vaccination with the objective to ensure redress for disproportionate damages and damages caused by vaccination.

It is perfectly obvious that travellers without the new Covid certificates will face all kinds of obstacles at all border crossings. Local authorities may decide to impose compulsory testing for those wishing to enter their countries.

Legalistically speaking, they will be within their rights. But not really.

In legal terms, such excuse is described (in Latin) as ultra vires. The explanation: beyond one’s power; specifically, beyond the legal or constitutional power of a person, court, corporation, or, even, government.

A modest reminder: Nazi Germany’s Holocaust was perfectly within Germany’s then-existing laws. And communist countries whose toll of victims makes Nazi Germany pale in comparison, also claim that they did nothing illegal.

The Nuremberg war crimes tribunal decreed otherwise, and its ruling about excuses such as “I was ordered to” or “It was the law” is perfectly specific: absolutely and unconditionally unacceptable.

Cards on the table

This kind of travel documents is but a first step. This claim has been already proven: Germany has introduced stern measures (her own testing, etc.) against travellers coming from Portugal. The spread of something known as Delta variant has been announced as the reason.

The fact that even the annual flu outbursts are difficult to prevent because nobody knows in advance what strain of the virus will show up must have escaped the panic-mongering officials’ attention.

While, in order to obtain the certificate, the applicants must show negative test results not older than 72 hours (three days, that is). To make matters somewhat more complicated, not all EU countries accept so-called antigen test results.

But the bureaucrats are so kind that they have permitted two days for any member country to change its criteria for admission.

Canadians and Americans may rest assured that their governments are watching the growing authoritarianism in Europe with keen interest. The lads in Ottawa, as well as those in Washington, D.C., are dancing to the same tune as the Marxists in EU head offices in Brussels.

It’s called feudalistic socialism, as American economist Martin Armstrong has defined it.

One would have thought that feudalism, with its serfdom and similarly elegant rules of absolutism, has been thrown out a long time ago.

And one would have thought, too, that the criminality of socialism in any of its shapes and forms, has been proven beyond any reasonable doubt, some time ago, also.

We haven’t learnt yet. We’re bound to repeat the experience one more time.

Shame on us.

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