Dirty-single-track-minded profs get the cake

Oversexed professors are a danger to pedestrians and traffic: two faculty members at Montclair State University in New Jersey have announced that they demand that the LGBTQ sex education should be taught to children in elementary school.

For those who have lived on another planet since 1990 and have just returned: LGBTQ stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer or questioning.

To impress all and sundry who, out of sheer boredom, would read their report in full, the two Montclair State University professors (Eva Goldfarb and Lisa Lieberman) throw a Latin expression in: the idea is to teach kids who they are before “cisnormative values” become “more deeply ingrained.”

Cis – WHAT? A new word, again (in Latin: a neologism). It has been introduced into our communication systems by the community that is convinced that everybody cares about their private behaviour happening in their private bedrooms, and so should everybody be proud of them, as they are proud of themselves.

One definition explains cisgenderism as an assumption that all human beings are cisgender. Your typical Marxist critical theory definition: explain a word by repeating it.

What it means: they have a gender identity which matches their biological sex.

Sounds too academic? How about this attempt at translation into normal human language: if you were born with a penis, you think that you’re a boy, if you’ were born with a vagina, you automatically view yourself as a girl.

Clear enough?

Not to professors Eva Goldfarb and Lisa Lieberman.

Who are those people?

This, verbatim, from the school’s own website:

Eva S. Goldfarb, PhD, Professor of Public Health, works in the field of sexuality education. Over the past twenty five years, she has developed and led sexuality education and sexual health programs with youth, parents, educators, and other professionals and has trained current and future school teachers across the country. In addition to Human Sexuality, Dr. Goldfarb teaches a course in Gender and Health and works with MPH students conducting their internships and community projects.

End of verbatim quote.

MPH is another faddish abbreviation: Master of Public Health. It does NOT mean that you have to know any medicine. In fact, it almost guarantees that you will never meet a patient face-to-face.

In the accepted public relations lingo, MPH courses teach “current health and wellness trends,” so the practitioners learn the scientific methods and best practices to let them help change health behaviours in a wide range of arenas, whatever that is supposed to mean.

To muddle the matter even more, the description of MPH degrees adds it is “a highly interdisciplinary degree.”

It includes a bit of health sciences, and the bit differs from school to school. Other than that, the degree concentrates on what its practitioners describe as critical health leadership, management, and administration skills. That includes designing and implementing public health programs; managing outbreaks; monitoring disease across populations as well as developing marketing campaigns.

What that has to do with teaching LGBTQ principles in elementary schools (don’t worry, kindergarten will follow soon) remains shrouded in a cloud of stinking mystery.

The other author, Lisa Lieberman, chairs the Public Health department at the Montclair State University, but the university’s website doesn’t go into much more detail about what she knows and how she learnt it.

What’s up, Doc?

Two Professors of Public Health, one of whom specialises in human sexuality (caution: no longer about how the bees do it, rather with graphic aids such as porn films, with role-playing not far behind). The other, it would seem, is her boss.

They have studied a number of reports, they say, and these reports all support their contention. How, pray? For example: “young children are, in fact, quite capable of understanding and discussing issues related to gender diversity, including gender expectations, gender nonconformity, and gender-based oppression.”

Kidding, right?

Absolutely not, they report, adding that “4-year-olds expressed an inclusive understanding of marriage and a social justice stance on LGBTQ rights.”

Ben Zeisloft, Pennsylvania Senior Campus Correspondent with Campus Reform, reports that the Montclair State University duo have declared they believe that “substantial evidence supports sex education beginning in elementary school, that is scaffolded and of longer duration, as well as LGBTQ-inclusive education across the school curriculum and a social justice approach to healthy sexuality.”

The researchers claim, according to Zeisloft’s report, that one study of the many they had read indicates that “young children are, in fact, quite capable of understanding and discussing issues related to gender diversity, including gender expectations, gender nonconformity, and gender-based oppression.”

What’s wrong with this picture?

If the two Montclair State University clowns are not just a bit too exuberant in their statements (this is a huge if, unfortunately), then the next question becomes critically important: how much of this gender drivel have kids learnt at school, and how much at home?

One would be pressed really hard to believe it’s the parents who feed their wide-eyed children this aggressive genderism.

That it’s the teachers is becoming more and more obvious.

It’s the teachers who have been brought up on the wildest nonsense of Marxist critical theories.

In this case, all in the name of making sure children lose sight of the most important parts of companionships, including sexual relationships. Who needs friendship, mutual respect, trust and other such old-fashioned rot? To the contrary, the quack who reaches one hundred on her/his list of genders will be expecting a Nobel Prize, and will call the committee all kinds of cancel culture names if s/he gets overlooked.

We’ve been living in too much comfort too long. Otherwise, we would have never permitted that teachers in schools we’re paying for teach our children such criminally dehumanising ideas.

We must NOT ignore it. Not only our lives, but our children’s and grandchildren’s, are at stake here.

The time to stop this crime is NOW.

One thought on “Dirty-single-track-minded profs get the cake

  1. prastaryrocker April 18, 2021 at 01:28 Reply

    Soon within the LGBT community, it is expected about their rights logs zoophiles, necrophiles, and paedophiles.


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