Mainstream media copy their communist predecessors

Egged on by the ruling left-wing of U.S. Democratic Party, U.S. mainstream media learnt their lesson well from the communist method of dealing with those who dared question their policies. Attack your opponents’ characters. Don’t let them publish. Call them names. Harass them.

The leftists in the U.S. used to admire (many still do) Václav Havel, the late Czech playwright, and President following the so-called 1989 Velvet Revolution.

Whether they remember the document called Charter 77 (Czech: Charta 77) remains to be seen. It may very well be that they don’t. Their behaviour towards all they disagree with proves it.

A not-so-old example

Havel was one of Charter 77 co-authors, together with Czech philosopher Jan Patočka. Published on Jan. 6, 1977, the document called on Czechoslovakia’s Communist rulers to honour their commitment to human rights under the 1975 Helsinki Accords.

The regime, outraged by this impertinence, first of all started arresting all those who had dared sign (or distribute) the document.

Under a banner headline, Losers and usurpers (Czech: Ztroskotanci a samozvanci), the Communist party daily paper, Rudé právo started a mother of all witch hunts. The paper would not name the authors. It would describe the document a “counter-revolutionary pamphlet”. Charter 77’s authors, according to the massive propaganda assault, were the bloodiest of all bloody criminals.

The publication of the document in any of the communist country was banned, and so was any broadcast of it. But, at the same time, everybody was ordered to join the chorus of protest. Officially, people were supposed to protest something they only knew they were supposed to protest, without knowing what the hell they were protesting.

And that was still easy-going when compared to the 1917 Great October Socialist Revolution of Russia, and its more than seven-decade long aftermath that lasted all the way to the collapse of the system in 1989.

Meanwhile in the U.S.

The Americans (and the many left-wing would-be Marxists in other countries who try to emulate them) haven’t yet reached the level of sending people to concentration camps, or executing them outright. Their history doesn’t permit such a fast transition to what Marxism is all about.

But, judging by what is going on, George Orwell’s nightmare, 1984, is not too far away. And neither is his Animal Farm, either.

The method now prevailing in the formerly democratic (lower-case d) countries is not too difficult to put together: silence. Do not quote a dissident’s reporting (or opinion). Not under any circumstance. Call the dissident’s (what other word to use?) character into question. Make sure to scare the dissident’s supporters out of their wits so they think twice before they dare join any protest again. Make sure to describe the dissidents and their supporters as creatures below the dirtiest animals’ level. And, most important of all, keep going at it. Repetition begets success.

Of course, even this requires a certain level of intelligence and a bit of education.

If you haven’t either, you will end up with a propaganda egg on your face. See President Joe Biden for the latest example.

Mr. Biden (very publicly) called his Russian presidential counterpart, Vladimir Putin, all kinds of words. Such as ‘killer’, ‘bully’, ‘strongman’, ‘tyrant’, ‘thug’.

Mr. Putin’s reply was straightforward: a wry smile and two sentences: “I wish him good health. I mean it seriously.”

Putin’s office went a few steps further: it said their guy would like to debate all points of disagreement with Joe Biden in a live broadcast.

This is not to say Vladimir Putin is a genius. This is to say he is much smarter than Joe Biden, a level, by the way, many can achieve without much effort.

Curious Americans

Unofficial research shows that most American citizens would like to know more about the Russian president than what they are being fed by mainstream media. Most Americans, it seems, would like to see and hear Vladimir Putin first-hand and form their opinion based on what they see and hear, not on what they are told by their own mainstream media. Especially knowing that the so-called Russian interference in U.S. elections in 2016 either didn’t happen at all (most probable scenario) or had no impact on the outcome.

Absolutely, Mr. Putin’s Russia is definitely not pure paradise, and some of the things going on there are worse than the Wild West of lore. In fact, many refer to Russian rulers’ behaviour as Wild East.

Russia has suffered from an inferiority complex for ages, feeling others weren’t giving her her due as a superpower.

Today’s Russia is following in President Donald Trump’s footsteps: make Russia great again is her rulers’ motto.

The job became somewhat easier on Tuesday, Nov. 3, 2020. Where there used to be three superpowers (in alphabetic order: China, Russia, the U.S.) till that day, there are now only two. Russia competes with China only. It’s not going to be easy, but it’s going to be easier than facing two strong superpowers, each with different sets of objectives and methods of achieving them.

No way back?

With left-wing controlled Democratic Party, and Democratic Party-controlled mainstream media, the U.S. has lost any hope of returning to the club of the powerful.

They are now blaming everybody but themselves: Trump is guilty of the mess at the border with Mexico, as if it had been the former president who restored the illegal immigration into the country. The steps are guilty of Joe Biden tripping three times while ascending them to enter Air Force One.

Whom will the administration and the mainstream media blame if the forthcoming Kamala Harris’s World Summit discussion on Girl & Women’s Empowerment with none other than Bill Clinton ends in a scandal (as it should)?

Here’s what the current politicos and would-be journalism pretenders should learn: history does indeed repeat itself. Once as a tragedy, next time, as a comedy.

Who said it? Karl Marx.

And here’s the point: he was wrong.

What we’re witnessing now is a major tragedy. We should not give up fighting it.

But that will take courage.

One thought on “Mainstream media copy their communist predecessors

  1. Lorri Pigford August 3, 2021 at 06:29 Reply

    Hello! This post couldn’t be written any better! Reading this post reminds me of my old room mate! He always kept chatting about this. I will forward this article to him. Pretty sure he will have a good read. Thank you for sharing!


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