Vaccination: sign your own death warrants, right here on the dotted line

People getting vaccinated against Covid-19 should be signing special consent forms, the American National Institutes of Health (NIH) has decreed in a recent decision.

NIH is an agency of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

What NIH is saying is simple: the vaccines are a medical experiment that can have unexpected side effects.

Imagine, if you will, the millions of innocent victims (Jews, Gypsies, homosexuals, whoever else didn’t meet the Nazi eugenics standards) being marched to Nazi extermination camps. Before being loaded in the cattle trucks of the trains that would take them to Auschwitz or any other such place, they would be told: please sign this.

The paper they would be signing would state that once at their destination, they would have to take a communal bath, during which a chemical would be released into the air. This chemical can have side effects, such as premature death, but not to worry, we’re aware of them, and we thought you should be informed, too.

This is called informed consent in medical ethics vocabulary.

The chemical was Zyklon B, hydrogen cyanide (HCN). That was the poison the Nazis used to kill at least a million people in gas chambers at Nazi concentration and death camps such as Auschwitz and Majdanek, both in Poland.

The informed consent form designed by the U.S. government agency NIH says that patients risk being turned into a virus-producing disease bag through a mechanism called “ADE”.

Looking for alibis

The Nuremberg war crimes trials (Nürnberger Prozesse) in the late 1940s not only had the Nazi chiefs sentenced to hang by their necks until death. They also made several crucial decisions. One that was perhaps the most important among them, and that is especially valid today: saying that you were ordered to do something, or that you did it because it was the law of the day, is not a valid excuse.

The Nuremberg war crimes trials brought back into action a rule known since at least the Ancient Greece: what the law commands may vary from place to place, but what is “by nature” should be the same everywhere. It is now called “natural law” (lex naturalis) or “natural justice” (ius naturalis).

The decision to have would-be recipients of any Covid-19 vaccine sign what amounts to releases of responsibility is basically an attempt to circumvent the Nuremberg code.

Remember: the vaccine producers have got themselves an exemption from any responsibility should their product damage the health of those it is supposed to help.

So, legalistically, they are off the hook.

Whether an international tribunal, one that would be judging all those inhuman violations of basic human rights that have been imposed by the various international organisations and individual countries’ governments and health authorities, accepts the Big Pharma blatant excuse remains to be seen.

But now those who are implementing it all, using medications that had not passed their final clinical tests yet, and using them en masse, want to get off the hook, too.

It is worth recalling that governments and health authorities, trying to create alibis for themselves, have approved the vaccines for emergency use only. And yet, they are pushing for blanket vaccinations for all of their citizens. They claim that the decision whether to get the jab or not depends on each individual, yet, at the same time, they leak hints that those vaccinated will get documents confirming it, and those without such documents will be limited in their actions.

If it does not remind you of the Jews wearing the yellow Star of David in Nazi times, start thinking again. If it does not remind you of limitations put on communist countries’ citizens that would curtail their and their children’s life opportunities if they didn’t join the communist party, think again, also.

Propaganda of lies

The propaganda that these individuals and authorities use to convince us to get vaccinated is overwhelming.

It reminds those who had done their homework of the seriousness with which the founder of communism, Karl Marx, viewed propaganda. In his opinion it had to be linked with agitation, and, yes, communist parties all over the world would have special departments known as agitation and propaganda (they called them agitprop for short).

Here’s what Marx had to say in his 1844 work, Human Needs & the division of Labour: “When communist artisans associate with one another, theory, propaganda, etc., is their first end. But at the same time, as a result of this association, they acquire a new need — the need for society — and what appears as a means becomes an end.”

His ardent follower, founder of the Soviet Union Vladimir Iliych Ulyanov Lenin, would go to create a list of demands on propaganda:

  • Ends Justify The Means
  • Firstest With The Mostest
  • Never Let A Crisis Go To Waste
  • Demonization
  • Propaganda of Example
  • Blame Your Predecessor

The similarities between Lenin’s points and today’s propaganda should not shock anyone any longer: having abolished what they called “Red baiting” and instituted political correctness, today’s officialdom is marching in Marx and Lenin’s footsteps with the precision of a Swiss watch.

The Nazis aren’t too far behind.

This sums it all up: Hermann Göring, Nazi Germany’s Marshal, was asked at the Nuremberg trial: “How did you convince the people of Germany to accept your policies?”

Göring’s answer might have shocked only those who hadn’t been watching the Nazi goings-on carefully enough: “This was the easy part. It had nothing to do with Nazism. It had everything to do with human nature. You can master it in a Nazi regime as well as in a socialist, communist regime, in a monarchy, and even in democracy, too. The only thing to do to enslave people is to terrify them. Once you can imagine a way how to frighten people, you can force them to do whatever you want them to do.”

Göring was sentenced to hang, but he killed himself by methods unknown thus far, one day before execution.

Meanwhile, we’re being subjected to unfounded fears and asked to sign our own death sentences.

We simply refuse to heed the lessons of history.

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  1. Aracely Roberie April 7, 2021 at 09:10 Reply

    some really interesting points you have written.


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