Liberté, égalité, fraternité? You’re kidding, right? RIGHT?

Nobody knows whether it’s hypocrisy or idiocy or both: Columbia University has offered its students six graduation ceremonies based on identity politics.

The announcement says, with an easily discernible tinge of pride, that its ceremonies this year (and forever more) will be based on race “and other aspects of how they (meaning: the graduating students) identify.” That approach, the university adds, will celebrate a variety of attributes, such as low-income/first-generation collegiate students or sexual orientation.

To make sure all understand what they mean, Columbia University poohbahs added what they call a “Lavender” event, too. That, they said, is to help the “LGBTIAQ+ community” (whatever THAT is supposed to mean) enjoy the celebrations to the fullest extent.

Those of what Columbia University describes as “first generation and/or low income community” will have their own celebrations (abbreviated as FLI Graduation), too.

You will have your own graduation if you’re a native (again, whatever THAT means), or an Asian, black or, even, Latinx.

Latinx? Huh? Quite a few Americans of Latin (meaning: South American) descent look askance at the description, not knowing that the morons who rule today’s politically correct world have heard that, in Spanish (or Portuguese) you can recognize the gender of the persons you’re mentioning by the ending of their names. A Latino is a guy, a Latina is a girl. But what if you don’t want to reveal who you are? Or, heavens or whatever else is acceptable forbid, what if you have decided to belong to any of the other genders now available?

Other expressions for the same thing met with similar fate: no longer Chicanos or Chicanas. Chicanx it will be.

These changes include all of Columbia University schools, such as Columbia College, Columbia Engineering, the School of General Studies, and Barnard College.

Why study hard? Be active!

The project extends further: the major list of awards consists of so-called Multicultural Affairs Graduation Cords. They will go to students, in verbatim quotation, “who have demonstrated an outstanding commitment to inclusion, global diversity, social justice and multiculturalism.”

The usual awards for academic achievement are listed, too. In all modesty, however, so they are quite easy to overlook.

And Columbia University has gone so far as to make sure individual ceremonies do not overlap. One student can still attend all of the individual ceremonies.

Clairvoyant as the Columbia University happens to be, they anticipate that Covid with all its restrictions will be with us still by the end of April. So, all ceremonies will happen online, but the school will provide students, their families, and their guests with options how to get together. Of course, again, strictly divided into groups along their ceremonial lines.

Virginia Tech went a few steps further a couple of years ago, offering their students ten (TEN!) different graduations (such as recovering addicts, veterans, members of the LGBTQ+ community, indigenous Americans, Muslims, or a few other identity options). How it happened, nobody knows, but Virginia Tech’s scheduling was off the rails somewhat and several of the graduations did, in fact, overlap.

Columbia University is a private school, it can do whatever it pleases. One minor issue of major proportions, though: it’s one of those famed Ivy League schools. Meaning that a Columbia University degree is considered more valuable than most similar degrees. For a school like that to show such a cavalier and arrogant attitude towards the legendary motto of Liberté, égalité, fraternité (liberty, equality and brotherhood) is a sign of frightful moral decay and professional ineptitude.

The Virginia Tech case is even worse: that school is a public land-grant research university. Why should taxpayers be paying for this outright denial of what the wise rules of our era are all about?

Humanity sentenced to rot

This is a trend that threatens humanity all over the world. It is about dividing societies into small segments that hate one another to such a degree they won’t even notice that their common community is being destroyed beyond repair.

Civilisations before us knew this rule well. Historians claim that Philip II of Macedon coined it first. In Ancient Greek it read diaírei kài basíleue, meaning “divide and rule.”

Ancient Romans were acquainted with the concept quite thoroughly, also. They called it (in Latin) divide et impera. The meaning was the same as in Ancient Greek.

Will we ever learn?

Judging by what our so-called most-advanced institutions of higher learning offer their students, and what our basic educational curricula omit because someone might feel offended, we won’t.

Is it an accident?

Absolutely not.

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