We’re getting too close to the point of no return

While many optimists think the Covid-19 hysteria will be behind us soon, the founder of the World Economic Forum is planning otherwise.

Lockdowns and other similar measures should be here to stay. Governments hope whatever they do will show their employers they’ve been taking good care of them.

Klaus Martin Schwab, the guy whose feudalistic socialism theory has started the entire movement, is on record as saying nothing can beat Covid-19 better than continuing with the drastic measures we have been witnessing since last March.

Governments, advised by medical people on their payroll, have only proven their opportunistic illiteracy. They claim their decisions to lock entire regions and industries down in the hope of stopping the spread of Covid-19-related illnesses are based on sound science. Like parents who aren’t sparing their rod when disciplining their children, the governments say they know what’s good for us, not realising they are doing what’s good for a small group of people hell-bent-for-leather on achieving their anti-human goal of turning the wheels of history where they want them.

How about facts?

Yes, quite a few medical professionals have bought into statements that we are facing a plague combined with caries, with a bit of leprosy thrown in.

But, a deeper dig reveals some shocking information.

The most obvious one: claiming they are treating an increasing number of Covid-related conditions brings monetary benefits to those who make those claims. Yes, the medical crowd gets paid bonuses based on a number of Covid-related illnesses they report. It does NOT mean this is the real number. It means this is the number reported to payroll departments, so they can calculate proper bonuses.

Bluntly put: governments have been bribing medical professionals.

Here’s a shocking number: even if we accept all deaths reported as Covid-related, the toll would be 0.028 per cent.

But we can’t accept those statistics. The evidence is no longer anecdotal, appearing here and there: an elderly person, in her/his nineties, passes away from either simple old age, or a condition linked to old age, or any other illness, and the death certificate lists Covid as reason of death even though not a sign had been detected.

Money talks, that’s all: another bonus.

The results are shocking. Young people who see no future because of the lockdown and other limitations, take their lives. Even those who are studying online and seem to be continuing with their education quite satisfactorily, are deeply depressed. The result: North American suicide rates among young people have jumped beyond belief. In the U.S. alone, they are up by 60 per cent.

Yes, some of it can be attributed to the fact today’s young generation, used to get anything and everything at the snap of their fingers, is spoilt by the snowflake culture that bans everything that can upset them, and by the cultures of woke and cancelling everything they deem unacceptably rough.

By the way, while “woke” is now used in political terms all over the world where English is spoken, it isn’t a new word at all. It means a person is aware of issues that concern what that person views as social and racial justice. Its origin comes from what is known as African-American Vernacular English. The original expression meant one was to stay awake. Now it reads woke, and the meaning has moved somewhat to include what its authors say is a continuing awareness of these issues.

In any case, an increase in youth suicides by 60 per cent is a strong signal that those people need help, and they are not getting it. Which is quite fine so far as the Gates Foundation’s goals are concerned: there are too many of us, why not have the weaker ones removes themselves from the genetic pool by their own hands?

Interestingly, not many in the government circles and mainstream media (MSM) have noticed that we have had none of the usual flu seasons. Neither have they noticed that fluctuations in Covid-related infection numbers resemble those recorded during annual flu seasons to the last dot.

And, so far as the decrease in new infections is concerned, why, this has been happening because we’ve been such good girls and boys, obeying our governments a health authorities’ every whim, including snitching on those who didn’t do what they had been ordered to do.

World in ruin

To sum up: our basic human rights are going to hell with all speed, our hospitality industry is in ruins, young people’s extracurricular activities have been curtailed like in an aftermath of a nuclear war, most of the arts and their practitioners are in the poorhouse, and the evidence that the entire scenario has been a hoax has been becoming increasingly convincing with each passing minute.

Lest anyone thinks that thing will get back to normal once the non-existent pandemic is over, here’s a warning: Klaus Martin Schwab of the World Economic Forum infamy still wants his feudalist-socialist vision of a Great Reset (a.k.a. the fourth industrial revolution) to become reality. The Gates Foundation still insists that about 6.5 billion of today’s 7.8 billion people on this Earth must go, and if someone calls their plans genocidal, so be it. And George Soros and his Open Societies are still convinced that what we need is one government ruling all over the world. The United Nations will suffice for the moment, but that august body can be subordinated to the mightiest any time the mightiest wish.

These forces know no other way to achieve their goals than instilling fear, terrorizing people into submission, using methods survivors of socialism know only too well. The damage they have caused to humanity borders on the irreparable. In any case, even if we find ways to get rid of these monsters, it may still take generations before humanity returns to its senses.

And that is the worst crime of all: nobody is going to give us back the time we’ve lost living in fear.

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