Harvard singing strange blues

An organisation based on Marxism where racial struggle replaced the traditional class struggle claims that American black community suffers more from the Covid onslaught than its white co-citizens. That’s because it had not received any reparations for their ancestors’ long years in slavery. But that is still less scandalously bigoted than a group of people who claim they are Harvard scientists trumpeting the same thing.

The proclamation, dressed up as a study, compares the situation in Louisiana with the situation in South Korea. The paper’s chief author is Eugene Richardson, MD, PhD, Assistant Professor of Global Health and Social Medicine; Assistant Professor of Medicine.

White-skinned as white-skinned can get, he is listed as part of the Blavatnik Institute of Global Health and Social Medicine, part of Harvard medical school.

Just who is this Blavatnik behind the new science named Global Health and Social Medicine?

Turns out he is Sir Leonard (a.k.a. Len) Valentinovich Blavatnik, a Ukrainian Jew from Odessa, whose university studies at Moscow University were rudely interrupted when his family asked for emigration permits from the Soviet Union. Where? Well, anywhere, actually, so long as it is not a communist country.

Sir Len’s departure was Soviet Union’s loss: he would become Great Britain’s fourth richest man, building this and acquiring that with astonishing acumen. Now, it turns out, Soviet Union’s successor, Russia, didn’t lose that much: Sir Len is reportedly enjoying close friendship with her president, Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin.

Dr. Richardson, one of the beneficiaries of Sir Len’s generosity, used to fight the Ebola virus in Sierra Leone. He would turn his attention to what he calls social epidemiology of Ebola virus disease, focusing on a relatively brand new scientific branch that is neither medicine nor anything else, for that matter. It is called biosocial approaches to epidemic disease prevention, containment, and treatment.

Dr. Richardson received his MD from Cornell University Medical College and his PhD in Anthropology from Stanford University. He completed residency in Internal Medicine and a fellowship in Infectious Diseases and Geographic Medicine at Stanford University Medical Center.

Now, to the topic

Louisiana, the paper claims, is one of America’ most segregated states. Her black population is more than three times more likely to die of Covid-19 than whites. They tend to live in crowded housing and work in ‘frontline’ occupations like nursing. Besides, way too many of them spend their time behind bars, and jail (or prison) outbreaks spread faster than anywhere else.

Quotes, such as, “structural racism, violently-seized privilege, and continuous trauma from racial terror and dehumanization” have helped the pathogen infect and kill them, lack one single detail: proof.

That leads directly to such handsprings as the target ‘R zero’ reproduction rate of the virus is somehow “symbolic violence.”

The plan to solve this outrage can’t be as simple as to give the sufferers relatively inexpensive medication that has been known to treat Covid-related diseases almost on the spot.

No, the solution is to pay each and every black American $250,000 (US). This amount, described as reparations for the enslavement of their ancestors, would lower infection rates by 31 to 68 per cent.

The connection is astounding.

The other comparison, that to South Korea, shows an incredible level of illiteracy, all kinds of academic degrees notwithstanding.

Why South Korea, in the first place?

Because her society is relatively homogenised, some would say egalitarian.

South Korea is filled with Koreans. Louisiana’s population is overwhelmingly black.

South Korea’s obesity rate hovers around four per cent. The comparison is pretty strange: Louisiana’s black population’s obesity rate hovers around 42 per cent.

Contradictory science

There exist studies that link obesity to the severity of Covid-caused diseases, and there exist studies that challenge today’s accepted science that lumps people who are overweight and those who are obese into one group.

Dr. Richardson and his group are definitely NOT promoting any science, neither new, nor old. They are parroting Black Lives Matter’s racist slogans, trying to dress them up as science.

It’s much easier than saying, hey, how about getting some vitamin D? How about changing your diet a bit (and here’s how)?

It’s terrible shame that people dare abuse Harvard’s name and (previously) good scientific standing for such outrageous propaganda.

Sir Leonard (a.k.a. Len) Valentinovich Blavatnik should reconsider whether supporting this kind of politically correct drivel reflects his own experience with all things Marxist.

This might be the wake-up call the Harvard University propagandists need more than anything else.

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