Canadian government flexes its muscle

The government of Canada has committed yet another act of outrageous domestic terrorism: it ordered the country’s airlines to stop flying to destinations most Canadians love to frequent during the country’s insupportable winters.

Yes, the wording said that the airlines agreed not to fly to these places, but only those who aren’t aware would believe this kind of drivel. Airlines in most countries, Canada included, may be private corporations (with the exception of so-called flag carriers, such as Air Canada), and whatnot. But they all depend on government regulations from top to bottom, and woe be to those who beg to differ.

The airlines received a curt notice from the federal government, saying that the particular department suggests this step. They knew they had to fall in.

The bloody communist dictator, Iosif Vissarionovich Stalin, perfected this method: his orders would always start like this: it is suggested to you (вам предлагается, read as vam predlagaietsia). Those receiving such suggestions would satisfy them with breakneck speed. They knew what the alternative was: bullets in the back of their necks, or the Gulag concentration camp, if they were lucky.

But why?

Two ideas behind Canadian government’s scandalous decision: continue keeping the population scared beyond any reasonable levels by indicating the plague combined with caries, with a bit of leprosy thrown in for good measure, is still very much on, and it’s getting stronger, thus more dangerous.

The other reason: divide the population using simple green envy. Those coming back from the warmer climes will have to be tested on arrival and then stay in a hotel at their own expense for three days, to await the result. If it’s negative, they are free to go home, but still have to (a nicely sounding new lingo) self-quarantine to reach the prescribed 14 days, and if the result is positive, into an ill-defined government facility with you, until we decide you’re cured.

It is calculated (rather cynically) that others, those masses of the untanned, will just shrug. Oh, if you’re wealthy enough to fly to, say, the Bermudas, or Mexico, or Cuba, even, you should be able to spend three days in a hotel, paying out of your pocket. Why should WE be paying for your extravagant ways?

The fact that an overwhelming majority of the test results that come back in are false is irrelevant.

Real and present danger

For those who say, ah, but you can’t see conspiracies behind every tree, a mild reminder: this is NOT a conspiracy. Organizers of the Great Reset, a.k.a. fourth industrial revolution, can hardly be more open. The World Economic Forum (WEF for short) pushes its agenda in widely circulated news releases and public speeches broadcast on open networks. They debate sordid details of their actions in secret, and in this context: what is Canada’s minister of health doing participating in these secret gatherings? Whom is she supposed to report to? Not to her inept Prime Minister, surely. She is answerable to her employers, the taxpayers, that is.

The same with the drug pushers a.k.a. Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Several countries have already experienced the tragic effects of their efforts, and the tone coming from Gates’ blogs and podcasts is horrifyingly ominous. They subscribe to the Malthusian theory according to which there are way too many people on this planet, and they know how to cut these levels. They are also pushing unsustainable nonsense on climate change, and they found ways how to connect the two topics into a picture of an Armageddon if we don’t follow their advice.

And then there is George Soros, with his Open Society campaign to remove all national governments and replace them with one world ruler. He uses the United Nations in his proposal, but he makes no secret of who should be actually doing the running.

And then there is the People’s Republic of China, the country that gave all of the above the tool known as coronavirus. While the three entities above are telling national governments what to do to achieve their ideological goals, the People’s Republic of China is reaping all the rewards, both economic and political (these two go hand in hand).

There exists but a faint hope that one day the world will wake up, and all of the perpetrators of what is going on now will have to answer before a World Tribunal that would be judging their crimes against humanity. The hope is faint at the moment, and who knows if it doesn’t become reality too late, after we’ve reached the point of no return.

Meanwhile, we should take it one step at a time. The first one would be to chase the current bunch of rascals who form the government of Canada out of their cushy offices. We should tell all of the local bullies who use powers that fell unexpectedly into their laps that they will be answerable to that World Tribunal, also.

The time to stand up is now.

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