Dump your greenbacks, go for the yuans

We are in the midst of a major world war. On one side, we have the People’s Republic of China. On the other, the World Economic Forum. On yet another, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and its followers. And on one more side, the George Soros network of Open Societies.

They all are trying to win supremacy all over the world.

The masses of the unwashed do not count. They are scared beyond belief by waves of crises: illegal migration, a pandemic pandemonium, and whatever comes next.

That fear is the greatest propaganda tool has been known for centuries. Today’s scaremongers have an advantage over their predecessors: technology that spreads both information and misinformation all over the world within seconds.

At the moment it seems that the People’s Republic has the upper hand. Just as the world of economics moved from London’s City to New York’s Wall Street, it is now moving from New York’s Wall Street to Shanghai’s Huangpu district.

Yes, not to Beijing’s Eternal City where most of China’s leadership reside but, rather, to the country’s economic hub. The communist leaders are still firmly in control, and when some of the Chinese newly-rich become too cheeky, they are called to order pretty quickly with an execution or two.

But the world is slowly beginning to dance to China’s tune.

Klaus Martin Schwab and his Great Reset, a.k.a. the fourth industrial revolution, the Gates crowd’s Malthusian views of the world’s over-population, combined with the demands of an urgent need of climate change, and the Soros-led call for a world government, run by the United Nations, they all have used the alleged pandemic for their own purposes.

But: the entire artificial pandemic pandemonium that has been ruining the world since last year has had several reasons. One of them: China’s attempt to grab economic hegemony over the entire world. And its currency, the yuan, will soon replace the U.S. dollar as the world’s defining currency, some leading economic analysts believe.

Is it not admirable that the rest of the so-called civilized world is in the throes of all kinds of lockdowns, while China’s Wuhan, whence the virus had allegedly spread, has returned to normal within a couple of weeks since the outbreak? And that all major cities in the People’s Republic function as if nothing happened?

What’s up?

China is now the only major economy left standing after the coronavirus pandemic rattled global trade. The U.S. can bid good-bye to its leading positions soon. And Russia can claim all kinds of successes with its Sputnik vaccine, but it still lags behind.

After all, the numbers of vaccines that have been appearing on the markets during the last few weeks doesn’t do much else than raise suspicions. Especially because their makers all claim they are not responsible for any harm their fluids may cause.

Considering the newest developments, many economists expect China to dominate the entire 21st century.

Several Chinese economists claim they can pinpoint the reason: the U.S. is more concerned about waging wars, while China is focused on its business.

Well, that wasn’t too true during the past U.S. administration when President Donald J. Trump concentrated on (in his own words) making America great again. His policies were a paragon of isolationism: if others want to wage wars between themselves, it’s their business, not ours.

The new administration, under Joe Biden, seems eager to poke its nose into everybody’s affairs. Not only into its own citizens’ private affairs, but also into all conflicts worldwide, when one of the sides defends something the new U.S. rulers view as ideologically unacceptable.

In any case, Chinese economists use poetic comparisons when they say that they can see in the years ahead the yuan being the major currency of the world, and the dollar becoming the pound, getting pounded down.

A few numbers

The People’s Republic of China is now one of the few countries to have attracted more capital than the U.S. in 2020. Even though global financial flows dwindled by over 40 per cent, direct foreign investment in China has been growing.

Pulling in $163 billion just last year, China’s foreign direct investment (FDI) in-flow increased by four per cent in a year-to-year comparison.

The Americans came in second, with $134 billion in foreign direct investment coming in.

Compare these figures to 2019: the U.S. attracted $251 billion, and the People’s Republic a paltry $140 billion.

Besides, compared to the rest of the world, China’s gross national product (GDP) grew by more than two percentage points in 2020.

The rest of the world (with the exception of India) reported a serious fallout from the pandemic-induced lockdowns. Overall, the foreign direct investments fell to $859 billion in 2020. They accounted for almost $1.5 trillion just a year earlier.

The so-called developed countries suffered the most: a decline by 69 per cent isn’t something to write home about. The Europeans got knocked out: their foreign direct investments were down by two-thirds. They ended up deep in red, by $4 billion.

The so-called developing countries suffered the least. Many of them ignored the artificial panic, shrugging calls for lockdowns off, while encouraging tourists from all over the world to come and enjoy themselves.

What does all this tell us?

Quite simple: Chinese communists smelt a chance of a lifetime. They ditched all of their ideological considerations and went for the jugular. The Gates family, Schwab and Soros didn’t have a chance.

And the rest of us have been only watching in stupid amazement, arguing among ourselves whether to wear face masks or get inoculated, instead of demanding that our elected representatives put an immediate stop to all those games played behind our backs and on our behalf.

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