Doomed from Day One

Donald John Trump stepped on way too many toes. And that was the reason for his downfall.

Donald John Trump promised to close the taxpayer-funded cookie jar, and he did all he could to deliver.

Donald John Trump promised to make America great again, and he did all he could to deliver.

Except: by closing the holes (he calls it swamp, for a reason) that would allow all kinds of people feast on useless projects, he removed those people’s easy pickings. They would use amendments to proposed laws that had, more often than not, nothing to do with the purpose of the bill. They would make the inclusion of the amendment a pre-condition of their vote. And now, somebody comes and stops it: what the heck is going on?

Donald John Trump promised to bring jobs back to America, especially those contracted out to China, and he did all he could to deliver.

To put it simply: most of what Donald John Trump promised (and delivered on) was a significant threat to the current U.S. establishment.

Dire prediction

French writer Thierry Meyssan, who calls himself political consultant and is founding President of the Réseau Voltaire (Voltaire Network), has thrown his few cents’ worth in when he published his analysis by mid-December 2020.

The U.S. is on the brink of a civil war, Meyssan argues, and he may have a point. Here’s the issue: the U.S. system of government is based on republican theory rather than democracy (lower cases on purpose: this has not anything to do with the two main political parties).

Meyssan ignores Trump’s achievements and calls him a narcissistic TV presenter and a senile old man. Considering his explanations of the world in most of his other works, it sounds as if Meyssan is unable to stop pretending he’s one of the elite, and who cares about the rest.

But he’s right when he says that the U.S. is being torn apart over a fundamental cultural issue that has been smouldering since its inception.

The U.S., with the demise of the Soviet Union, has lost its raison d’être (reason for existence), and what he calls American Empire can’t land anywhere else but in the dustbin of history.

Granted, Donald John Trump has tried to get rid of these imperial notions, refocusing America on its domestic prosperity, Meyssan allows. But the elitist sabotage that brought him down also brought the U.S. on the brink of secession and civil war.

If it were not for the massive electoral fraud, Donald John Trump would have won in a landslide. That much is clear. But what is also clear is the fact that numerous U.S. courts wouldn’t touch this side of the issue with a ten-foot pole. This, some of them said on record, would open Pandora’s Box.

Why? Because the U.S. is a republic, not a democracy.

The U.S. Constitution says so, recognizing the sovereignty of the Federated States, not of the People. Meyssan quotes one of its chief designers, Alexander Hamilton’s own words, in writing that the U.S. Constitution is supposed to establish a regime comparable to the British monarchy without aristocracy, that is, not a democracy.

In Meyssan’s words, “This system is certainly tolerant, but oligarchic.”

Basically, had Donald John Trump broken the law and purged the country’s public service of people who opposed the path he had envisioned, who knows whether the election would have been stolen. Still, it seems that Meyssan is still convinced that it all would have ended up in a civil war, anyway.

Dire realities

What Thierry Meyssan omitted altogether is this question: what does it all mean for normal tax-paying Americans?

Janna Sundeyeva of the San Francisco-based media group knew what she was writing about when she opened a recent article by reminding her readers of what lives people lived in the Soviet Union. She experienced the communist brighter tomorrows, and she wasn’t amused.

By the way, the name of the outlet Janna Sundeyeva writes for,, is perfectly appropriate: the word kstati (кстaти) means by the way in English (BTW in internet lingo). It also means to the point. Both descriptions fit.

Janna Sundeyeva’s original article is in Russian, but there is a button at the bottom of the page that permits translation into English or Spanish, your choice.

She opens with a description of everyday life for average citizens in the Soviet Union, and predicts, much more credibly and convincingly than the French writer Thierry Meyssan, what Americans can expect now that the clique around the mighty has succeeded with their coup d’état. And that it was nothing else but, of that there can be no doubt, Sundeyeva points out.

Using a number of reliable sources, Sundeyeva describes the events of the last few days, including the infamous attack on the Capitol in Washington, D.C. Sundeyeva does a much more credible job of it than all of the mainstream media combined.

But the main thrust of her article is aimed at what all of this means for your average citizen, for those who pay their taxes so that the mighty can play their games.

And she predicts that the future is far from bright.

So does, after all, Thierry Meyssan, too. A civil war is never civil.

Missed questions

Not many analysts have asked, not yet, at least, why the rich and mighty think they will get away with their new version of what American economist Martin Armstrong calls feudalist socialism.

Those who push for the so-called Great Reset, or the fourth industrial revolution, seem to have forgotten that all revolutions eat their own children.

What has been happening now is an attempt to restore Marxism in all of its cruel criminality. This is an ideology based on what Karl Marx and his colleague, Friedrich Engels, liked to call class struggle. If any of the instigators of recent developments think they’ll get to keep their riches, and then some, they should start thinking again.

They are blinded by their ideologies. That will get them nowhere. In the meantime, people, the normal you-and-me people, will suffer.

Thierry Meyssan thinks the tragedy has been inevitable. But the normal you-and-me people don’t enter his equation.

Great Czech writer Karel Čapek wrote in his War with the Newts that there has never been a criminal social idea that wouldn’t find a would-be intellectual defending it.

Janna Sundeyeva is right: you can’t pick the time you live in.

And that’s our ordeal.

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