Canada: high treason in high places?

A frightful hobgoblin is stalking the world. This is a paraphrase on Karl Marx, whose opening line in the Communist Manifesto limited itself to Europe. And Marx’s next sentence clarified: The hobgoblin of communism.

Canada’s Prime Minister either does not care, or, and that’s even more scary, he just likes the idea.

Justin Trudeau is obviously unaware who can harm the country whose security he’s responsible for.

As revealed by several Canadian media outlets, including the Globe and Mail, Toronto Sun and Rebel News, Justin Trudeau is all gung-ho about Chinese military taking part in Canadian Armed Forces’ winter warfare training. And when some military commanders express their uneasiness about having potential enemies attending Canada’s military establishment institutions (such as CFB Petawawa, for instance), the Prime Minister gives them hell.

Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) cancelled one such training session after China kidnapped Canadian citizens Michael Spavor and Michael Kovrig. The cancellation threw Justin Trudeau into spasms of a tantrum. From now on, he ordered, all such decisions will be made by him, and no back chat is permitted.

Malignant cancer

China has a military agenda all over the world.

It is very obvious in the Caribbean region, and Chinese Defence Minister Wei Fenghe has confirmed it: his country is willing to deepen military cooperation with Caribbean countries.

That includes the current seaport expansion project in the already commercially important port at Kingston, Jamaica, as well as the port at Freeport, Bahamas, China’s possible new base of operations 90 miles off the U.S. coast.

Following the relatively recent Soviet examples (Cuba, Chile, Venezuela, to name but a few), the Chinese have put into action a multidimensional strategy in the Caribbean. They are after all kinds of gains: economic, political and potentially military.

China’s word that she comes in peace is not acceptable: she created several new islands in the South Sea, pledging not to militarize them, then went and militarized them.

Nothing new, really: China also promised Hong Kong autonomy until 2047. She would change her mind in 2020. What is mere 27 years compared to history?

Like father, like son

Joseph Philippe Pierre Yves Elliott Trudeau, while a young activist in Québec, was openly supportive of Marshal Philippe Pétain, the leader of France’s fascist government during the Second World War.

Trudeau Sr. also made a pilgrimage to Mao Zedong’s China shortly after the communist leader had taken the country over in 1949.

He would return 11 years later, with a similarly leftist quasi-politician Jacques Hebert. The two toured the Middle Kingdom (one of China’s many nicknames) at the invitation of China’s communist government and would write a book about their experiences. It was named Two Innocents in Red China, and even the title of the book was a perfect lie: both of them were perfectly aware that they were coming just as Mao Zedong’s so-called Great Leap Forward began to torture the people of the Middle Kingdom.

Trudeau Sr. was friendly with Cuban dictator Fidel Castro (and similar such individuals wherever and whenever they would crop up).

Trudeau Sr. was also quite content (and said so openly) when Poland’s General Wojciech Jaruzelski imposed martial law in his country, trying to destroy the newly-born independent trade union movement known as Solidarity (full name: Independent Self-governing Free Trade Union Solidarity, Niezależny Samorządny Związek Zawodowy Solidarność in the Polish language).

Now, PET’s (elder Trudeau’s nickname) son is going a few steps further. He doesn’t propose to canoe down the Yangtze River as his father had planned (the Chinese government killed the idea outright, without even bothering to apologize).

No. Trudeau Jr. wants the communist China’s army, a.k.a. People’s Liberation Army (PLA for short) to be involved in Canada’s Armed Forces’ affairs to the degree of staging joint manoeuvres on Canadian soil. And when Canadian military brass begs to differ, he forbids such outrage outright.

Justin Trudeau can’t claim ignorance about China’s attempts to expand her influence all over the world. He can’t claim ignorance about the kidnapping of two Canadian citizens by communist China’s security forces, either.

His father, while not a bright academic star, as claimed by the doting media at the time of his government, at least finished his university studies.

The son hasn’t got that far. A substitute high school teacher of drama was his highest achievement in life before Liberal party rainmakers decided that it was time to use younger Trudeau’s name recognition in order to impose their socialist vision upon Canada.

What younger Trudeau is doing would be qualified as high treason in any civilized country.

Is Canada less civilized than, say, Timbuktu?

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