Born white? You racist you!

The Marxists and Malthusians who are behind groups that try to destroy America from within have shown their real colours: they are trying to introduce racism under the guise of venting their demands for what they call social justice into schools, starting from the elementary level all the way to post-graduate education.

They go straight for the jugular. In an attempt to re-define the meaning of the word, they claim that characteristics such as perfectionism and objectivity are typical signs of racism.


Author James Lindsay published a list of 15 traits that supposedly demand that young students view these characteristics as typical signs of white supremacy culture.

Not that it’s too new: Tema Okun and Kenneth Jones published a strange pamphlet named Dismantling Racism Workbook in 2001. Its eight pages, if taken seriously, should have sent the intrepid duo behind bars for outright racism right then and there, but no such luck.

In any case, according to Lindsay’s tweeted message, this is precisely what young people at the Belvedere Elementary School in Virginia are told to learn by heart.

To make sure they do, the teacher whose name appears on the slide that Lindsay tweeted out happens to be on staff of that school.

So: what is racist?

Unbelievably, expressions such as fear of open conflict and individualism are typical signs of white supremacy culture.

So far as perfectionism and objectivity go, nothing can be more racist.

Not everyone and their dog has been meek enough to accept this ideological approach to education without a murmur.

In a flood of angry tweet replies, some went so far as to suggest that schools that stoop this low should lose taxpayer-funded financial support.

Unlike most Canadians who feel superior to the Yankees because our neighbours south of the 49th parallel aren’t as decently modest, shy and unassuming, many Americans decided that enough was enough. And they have gone public with all this mumbo-jumbo, adding they had enough of this stinking racism.

For example: the University of Kentucky had its incoming residents go through segregated racial sensitivity training sessions.

The specific goal: white people were told to identify racist traits within themselves.

One victim of this kind of blackmail (residents would not be accepted if they didn’t take part and cleanse themselves) publicized the entire affair. Still, he feared for his academic standing lest his name become known to his school’s authorities, and remained anonymous. (In fact, it is not altogether certain if the whistle-blowing person was a he or she. Not that it matters much.)

This is what the potential residents had to go through: they had to keep a lengthy list consisting of alleged white microaggressions (their spelling, not mine) on their computer screens all along as they were going through endless breakout sessions that also accused them of all kinds of undeserved privilege. The groups were called White Accountability Space, whatever that was supposed to mean.

Needless to say that this requirement involved white students only. After all, its title says it all: Common racist behaviours and attitudes of white people.

In case you weren’t aware, white people do not notice the daily indignities that people of colour experience.

To make sure everyone understood what indignities the organizers had in mind, herewith a typical explanation: white people deny them and rationalize them away with PLEs (perfectly logical explanations). Not only that: white people believe they have ‘earned’ what they have, rather than acknowledge the extensive white privilege and unearned advantages they receive.

Need more? Here comes: white students are also guilty of (these are verbatim quotes from the published whistleblowing testimony) interrupt[ing] and talk[ing] over people of colour, as well as exaggerat[ing] the level of intimacy they have with individual people of colour, while at the same time internaliz[ing] negative stereotypes about people of colour and thinking whites were superior. Besides, they are also act[ing] more distant and formal with people of colour.

That white new residents were expected to consider themselves racist was a given.

Those who described themselves as black, indigenous, generally people of colour, saved tons of time: they didn’t have to go through this ordeal.

The letter with instructions was signed by the school’s assistant director for staff training and development, named Lauren (she, her, hers).

More scandal

The University of Michigan at Dearborn held a couple of segregated virtual cafes: one for white students and the other for what is now known by its shorthand description as BIPOC (black, indigenous, people of colour) students. Facing questions about the racist event, the school would only apologize for the terms used to describe them. Holding segregated gatherings was apparently kosher by its standards of commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion.

California State University faculty members demanded that the school discriminate positively in favour of non-white candidates when hiring new teachers.

Not only that, they stomped their feet asking for segregated mental health services, tutoring, and even housing.

Princeton University faculty called for paying non-white teachers more than their white colleagues. Academic departments that seem insufficiently committed to hiring more non-white professors should lose their funding, they added. And the school should set up a no-whites-allowed space on campus and permit a faculty committee that would investigate and punish not only racist behaviour but also racist research – presumably that committed by those departments which refuse to overpay their faculty of colour.

Princeton University once gave shelter to one Albert Einstein.

Imagine the uproar if he escaped Hitler’s Germany today, and asked for a teaching position at Princeton now.

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