Here’s why the anti-Trump crowd can’t (and won’t) stop

High treason may be not so difficult to commit, but it definitely is much more difficult to prove. After all, it is a capital offence in many countries around the world, and the word capital added to offence (or crime) frequently means capital punishment for the offender.

On one hand, it is becoming a tad boring to keep repeating that it had taken more than four years for a September 7, 2016 memorandum to appear and confirm that the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) told the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) Director James Comey and Agent Peter Strzok that Democratic Party presidential candidate and former First Lady and ex-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had approved a plan to blame Russian computer-hacking on Donald Trump.

Agent Strzok had opened the so-called Crossfire Hurricane probe into the Trump campaign on suspicion of conspiring with the Kremlin just a few weeks earlier.

What the …?

In an interview with Oprah Winfrey years before he even started thinking about running for president, Donald Trump expressed numerous misgivings about the way things were done in and around the District of Columbia.

A brief reminder about some of them: imagine a Bill, presented by the White House to Congress, with the plan to install some new, safer buoys in several U.S. major ports. Overall cost calculated at less than $20 million.

Several Representatives and Senators add a couple of amendments each. These amendments have nothing to do with buoys. One example: build a new military transport aircraft factory in said Congress member’s district. His vote of approval depends on it.

The Pentagon observes the military does not require such planes: they already have an abundance of them, with many more on order from their usual and reliable sources.

What do you know about your needs? the Congress members shrug them off.

A Bill originally worth about $20 million passes, except, now it costs almost a couple of billion.

That state of ‘I’ll-your-back-if-you-scratch-mine’ was Donald Trump’s original beef.
And then he dug just a little bit deeper. Only to find what one of his predecessors, the 34th president of the U.S. Dwight D. Eisenhower, would call the ‘Military-Industrial Complex.’ And Eisenhower, an accomplished military commander, knew perfectly whereof he spoke.

That’s who forms the backbone of what is generally, and without much background knowledge, called the Deep State.

Some experts theorize that the Military-Industrial Complex’s main quarrel with Trump is similar to that it had with the 35th president. John F. Kennedy: both JFK and the Donald have stated on a number of occasions they would rather see U.S. troops staying at home or returning there.

JFK’s situation seemed to be more complex: he was facing an intractable enemy (communism) that had been trying to grab as much territory and military influence. JFK knew he needed to send U.S. military forces of sufficient strength to Vietnam, for example, as well as keeping an eye on Cuba.

We all know how it ended eventually: JFK’s successor in office, Lyndon B. Johnson, mixing all kinds of socialist ideas at home with unbelievably uninspired and half-hearted demonstrations of military might elsewhere, managed to (excuse the expression) screw it all up so tragically that it would take his successor, Richard M. Nixon’s effort to get the Americans out of Vietnam with at least some remnants of honour left.

Whoever it was who had ordered the JFK assassination, allegedly used the services of organized crime.

In a painstakingly researched book, I Heard You Paint Houses, American attorney Charles Brandt reveals the history of the mysterious disappearance of former American union movement leader, Jimmy Hoffa. In the course of his confession, Frank “The Irishman” Sheeran mentions a few inside details about a strange movement of weapons to Dallas, details not many, including the official investigators of the murder, could know.

Whoever is trying to destroy the Donald has been, instead of organized crime, using the cancerous growth of left-wing ideas that combine pure Marxist ideology with the teachings of Thomas R. Malthus. The English priest’s theory holds that there are way too many people on the earth. All of it is mixed into an explosive concoction using race-based politicking.

The idea is to make sure nobody else follows in Trump’s footsteps and tries to upset the applecart ever again.

Questionable figures

Donald Trump has been, before entering politics, a successful businessman. In his heart of hearts, he still is. A military that keeps reporting inexplicable losses amounting to trillions of dollars must be perfectly unacceptable to him.

That these outrageous losses ought to be unacceptable to the general public, and that no credible politician should view them without hearing alarm bells of major proportions, should be beyond doubt.

And yet, the other side of the political spectrum in the U.S. not only ignores these signs. Newly re-discovered and published, at long last, documents prove that the highest ranks of America’s intelligence establishment have been seriously involved in one of the dirtiest games of recent U.S. history (Watergate pales in comparison).

The CIA Director, Gina Haspel, has been involved. And the FBI, while expressly prohibited to penetrate and subvert any political (including presidential) campaign has been doing so against Trump’s campaign and, later, presidency with all speed.

The U.S. Army Counterintelligence tried to penetrate Students for a Democratic Society to aid the FBI during the 1960s. That would lead to the Undisclosed Participation in Organizations in the United States. It bans such intervention.

That meant the FBI couldn’t get involved from within the country. So, it manufactured a “foreign counterintelligence threat” in Great Britain, and imported the investigation back into the U.S.

How did Ms. Haspel get into it? Simple: she was the head of the London CIA office at the time.

The details are overwhelming, so, let’s cut to the chase: the Hillary Clinton campaign paid for the so-called Christopher Steele dossier. None of it could happen without the approval from the former president, Barack Hussein Obama, and (not or) his vice-president, Joe Biden. Asking whether their approval was implicit or explicit is simple legalistic mumbo-jumbo.

This is the basic reason why Ms Haspel, as today’s CIA Director, steadfastly refuses to have the so-called RussiaGate papers declassified. It would point the finger directly at her.

But the files that have been released also implicate the late Senator John McCain. The documents now unsealed in court show that it was McCain who handed the Steele dossier to then-FBI chief Comey.

This is called false-flag operation in intelligence parlance, except, this one wasn’t that intelligent. The idea was that McCain was a Republican Party member, and not many were aware he had been a close friend of the Clinton family.

Whether Hollywood makes a movie out of this mess remains to be seen. It would require a basic change in its political leanings.

As a sign of potential reasons for the politicking fiasco now going on in the U.S., this is explosive enough.

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