When will the mother of all hoaxes burst at long last?

More and more people are beginning to realize that two and two is four, and that there is something seriously fishy with the so-called Covid-19 (or coronavirus, if you prefer) crisis.

Put simply: unlike the two plus two equation, something does not add up with this purported health scare.

The number of demonstrations against all those lockdowns and face mask demands has been growing steadily, and so has the number of people taking part. Whether governments – targets of these protest demonstrations – will take proper notice remains to be seen.

Some have, in a rather unusual way. Like the government of the state of Victoria (Australia) that has introduced such stringent measures that they remind all and sundry of Nazi martial laws. Or like the government of Canada where a high-ranking Armed Forces officer reportedly suggested that the military should start using most modern technology to spy on Canadians to be able to predict any major protests that might cause the government some headaches.

On the other hand, when multitudes gathered in the German capital, Berlin, and government sent the police to disperse them, by force if need be, the officers took their helmets off as a sign that they agree with the protesters and will not act against them.

The irony here is unmistakable: the Nurnberg war crimes tribunal after the Second World War, while condemning Nazi Germany and her leaders, reacted quite sharply to an attempt to find an excuse: we were only following orders. No, decreed the tribunal, you do not have to follow orders if you decide you find them more than objectionable, you find them criminal.

Not only has this become a universally recognized rule since then, but later research found that there had been German army (Wehrmacht) units that, during the invasion of the Soviet Union, refused to take part in mass executions. Their higher-ups, both in the military and in the political circles, did not act against them.

In any case, German police in Berlin this summer was the first such force to show their solidarity with people protesting in the streets against their government.

Except, all those people have been, thus far, fighting against the signs (symptoms), not against the disease (syndrome) itself.

Going for the roots

A number of guesses have been made, some more provable than others. They have been filling the social media, much to those media’s chagrin (Facebook and YouTube have gone so far as to engage in threateningly open censorship: the former claims to be using so-called fact-checkers, the latter uses so-called community standards).

There’s not much need to dig too deep to find out that the so-called lockdowns have caused damage to most national economies, in some cases irreparable.

There’s much more need to try to find out cui bono, that is, whom it helps.

The New World Order gang that wants to create a government that controls the entire world (as if the United Nations weren’t meddlesome enough)?

Yes, this movement does exist, and it includes a number of sub-groups, from straight Malthusian all the way to straight Marxist. The former sub-group says there are way too many people in the world, and we must find ways to get rid of those we selected, one way or another. If it’s a vaccine, so much the better. The latter sub-group would rather control the entire world and if someone refuses to toe the line, good riddance and a bullet in the neck.

That this would, in the long run, completely ruin humanity and stop its natural progress dead is not of much concern to these people. That’s what ideology for you:  people they start believing in dogmas instead of checking for basic facts.

Or is it People’s Republic of China’s attempt to become the world’s sole economic power, and everyone would have to dance as the communist rulers in Beijing whistle?

Not out of the question, either. After all, so many national economies have recently outsourced so much of their production to the People’s Republic, and some of them (the U.S. in particular) have begun waking up from this nightmare of being dependent on China’s whims. This must, in turn, cause nightmares in the Eternal City.

Or: how about a brazen attempt by the so-called Big Pharma to pad their packets even more? Scare people beyond belief, offer them a vaccine, even though it doesn’t cure anything, as vaccines act as prevention agents only, earn money. Since Covid-19, just like most such flu viruses presents in several strains, and no vaccine covers all strains, develop more vaccines. Earn some more money. Claim that you have developed brand new medication to treat the complaint caused by the virus, earn even more.

It also helps that quite a few previously unimportant people have gained a certain level of authority: they can order people around. Like: wear a mask or else. The less educated these new commanders are, the better. Nothing beats bullying the general population into submission.

This one may have another reason, plausible enough, too: about a dozen years ago, the World Health Organization (WHO) changed its standards to determine a pandemic, an epidemic, and an outburst. They deleted the two basic criteria: morbidity (a number of cases of infections within a certain population in a certain area within a certain timeframe, and mortality (a number of fatal outcomes within that same number of cases of infections within that same certain population in that same certain area within that same certain timeframe). They changed the third standard, speed of spreading, also, making it perfectly irrelevant.

The European Union noticed and launched an official investigation. It found that the so-called WHO medical experts who had suggested these changes, would receive offers (and accept them) of lucrative positions with major pharmaceutical companies. These companies were all involved with creating and selling medications to battle the so-called bird flu and swine flu epidemics.

Money makes the world go round?

Then, there is one more suspicion: some members of the New World Order crowd find it important that banks, and governments through them, can control individuals’ financial well-being and transactions, including their location. They would reach this objective by banning paper money altogether, and insisting that only credit and debit transactions are permissible.

This one may be quite difficult to implement outside of the so-called Western world.

Economies of a number of Latin American countries are based on a very informal cash for service (or goods) system. So are most African and many Asian countries.

Armstrong Economics reports that police blockaded a highway and used tear gas against crowds that tried to get out from the lockdown in the capital of Peru, Lima. Not only that: family gatherings are off limits in Peru, too.

This looks like a sign of perfectly tragic desperation: that government is caught between a rock and a hard place.

Peru’s president Martín Alberto Vizcarra has remained independent from political parties. He has promoted reforms against corruption in the legislative and judicial branches. And now his government seems to face enormous pressure from outside, applied by persons not perfectly known, to subordinate his country to their wishes.

Many analysts suspect the reasons can be combinations of the theories mentioned above. It may be even a combination of all of them.

None of this is a reason good enough to give up.

All of them a reason good enough to get up and fight.

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