Athletes aren’t as important as they believe they are

Watching professional athletes as they sit on the dais, explaining in solemn voices why they are not going to play in their regularly scheduled games, would have been funny if it were not as tragic.

Here they are, spouting clichés worthy of Grade One (or Kindergarten, even) political indoctrination courses somewhere in the former Soviet Union (or in today’s People’s Republic of China), and they don’t even know what nonsense is coming out of their mouths.

If there is anything systemic (and, in this case, systematic, too) about all this, it is those athletes’ sheer ignorance of facts and perfect illiteracy. Oh, yes, they know how to put pen to paper in order to sign their contracts, but they would do much better to engage in doing their homework about what used to be going on in America in the past, and what is going on now.

What else is new?

A refresher for all those who want to know the basic facts before they start making fools of themselves: recent history of the United States is literally littered with all kinds of race-based explosions. And those explosions have a few common denominators. One of the most important ones among them: they all start with law enforcement doing what it is supposed to do. Enforcing the law. Fighting criminals.

For whatever reason, whenever there happens to be a race-based riot, it was triggered by an encounter between the police and a criminal. Even the most recent wave is no exception.

Not only that: for yet another whatever reason, whenever there happens to be such an encounter, it ends up in riots, with mobs terrorizing innocent citizens, looting like nobody’s business, and general mayhem.

And an interesting aside: the mobsters’ anger is always aimed at another race. Not only the regular “white faces,” but, for example, at Asian storeowners (remember the concentrated attacks on the Korean quarter in Los Angeles in the 1992 Rodney King fiasco?).

Speaking of other races: how is it possible that they succeed where the mobsters of today fail? Have they been facing racism, systemic, systematic, or otherwise, or not?

And speaking of those mobsters’ own race: how is it possible that there are so many distinguished people of their own skin colour who have succeeded in society and have become shining examples to others of all races?

Why is it that most of those mobsters come from backgrounds that include irresponsible young men impregnating young girls, quite often against their will, leaving them as single mothers? Why is it that most of these mobsters come from backgrounds that despise efforts to improve their individual lots by applying themselves to, for example, education? Or, worse still, work?

Yes, there are more black people behind bars in America than of any other races. Could it not be simply because they commit more crimes?

Whose fault is it?

And is it social justice that they get away with all this? Speaking of social justice, who has come up with the idea that programs such as affirmative action are fair in any shape or form? To refresh everybody’s memory: these programs are based on accepting students to establishments of higher learning because of their race rather than their achievement.

Signs in the two NHL hub cities (Edmonton and Toronto) say: We’re skating for black lives.

You can hardly be more racist than that.

Fans of all other colours should turn their backs on the NHL, and keep it that way. How naïve of them it was to have thought professional athletes were performing for those who through their presence support their salaries.

Demands, demands

A group that calls itself Hockey Diversity Alliance is now trying to shame the NHL because the top league was one day late with its boycott of games: all the other major leagues had started earlier.

Not only that, according to some reports, there have been demands that the blue lines that mark individual teams’ zones should be repainted black. Next thing you know, will they be demanding quotas on the number of players based on their skin colour?

But, in all seriousness, the players may not know it yet, but they are quickly becoming ventriloquist dummies, and they aren’t even aware on whose lap they are sitting.

Egged on by journalists whose qualifications don’t include any knowledge of political science, and who, in many cases, have terrible difficulty putting together sentences of even simple coherence, these athletes are quickly succumbing to Messianic complexes.

Not only does it not become them. It also leads nowhere.

One thought on “Athletes aren’t as important as they believe they are

  1. Villa Adam August 30, 2020 at 08:37 Reply

    pozadavek aby byla modra cara cerna ,rekla bych :  “je hodne pres caru ” !

    Mas pravdu ze clovek by se od srdce zasmal,kdyby to nebylo tak stupidni. 


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