Politics as usual? No way!

Politicians of all stripes have several things in common. They share a pronounced Messianic complex (they, and nobody else, will save the world). They all also love polluting the environment with hot air galore. They worship having power, adoring the impact it has on their hormonal systems all the way to the point of orgasm.

This makes them all, as individuals as well as a tribal species, perfectly useless.

Of course, occupying a political office doesn’t make one a politician. Canada’s current Prime Minister is a perfect example. A multiple university drop-out, he agreed that it’s better for his personal self to become a puppet in the hands of some mighty behind-the-scenes hustlers than to spend the rest of his life as a high school substitute teacher, providing enlightenment in such important subjects as drama and dance.

There haven’t been too many exceptions to these rules, especially not in recent history.

And there has been no such exception in city council chambers in the Alberta capital, Edmonton, during the last several decades, either.

In fact, Edmonton’s council is a prime warning of how dangerous it is to let semi-literate halfwits get hold of the reins of power.

Just judge by the recent developments.

Eager beavers

First, they mandate everybody must wear face masks while present in public places (defined rather loosely). Obviously, they haven’t heard that the World Health Organization (WHO), the body that had triggered the current artificial crisis in the first place, has been dilly-dallying on the face mask issue since Day One.

Shortly afterwards, Edmonton’s city parents heard that some jurisdictions had agreed that a number of people ought to be exempted from the mandatory face mask charade for medical reasons. Those people need not explain their medical conditions, and nobody is allowed to ask them.

Not that those jurisdictions are so generous. There’s a law in Canada that covers privacy rights. So, they have to grin and bear it.

So, Edmonton’s city council follows suit. It has some 10,000 cards printed, reportedly setting their employers (taxpayers) back $1,000. Come to think of it, a pretty good price for so many business card-sized documents, printed on the cheapest business card stock.

But: a representative of one of the city’s business associations objects. Toeing the line that claims we’re in the midst of a plague that equals unheard of catastrophes that used to hit medieval cities centuries ago, she went on record as saying many businesses are not happy about it, and what if someone is exempt and yet carries the virus, and so on, and so forth.

Not that she would mention just how many businesses expressed such misgivings, and not that she would mention how her association arrived at the conclusion.

City officials came up with an ingenious explanation for their next step. That step led to closing the idea of exemption cards down altogether.

In the city of almost a million citizens, out of 10,000 cards printed, some 6,000 citizens went and received them. That, to city officials (and the elected council members who are supposed to direct them), was an obvious sign of abuse. How benevolent we were, the official explanation went, and yet, people cheated.

No word about how city officials arrived at this conclusion. Not knowing the identities of the new card holders, how could they go and check their medical records?

Yes, even that would have been illegal, but for the sake of argument: how did they know?

Another city argument: people who need disability parking placards have to support their applications with their medical attendant’s note that confirms their need. Why not those who want to be exempt from the face mask requirement?

This, of course, limps on all four extremities: disability parking placards are being issued only to those who have an existing condition that limits their mobility. The exemption cards are supposed to help those who may be endangered by wearing face masks. That is: those who may or may not be at risk.

Any good civil litigation lawyer would dismantle the city’s argument with ease, and here’s hoping one will take this task on, and soon.

Some of the city’s reasons would be laughable if they were not as (excuse the expression) stupid. Such as the perfectly unsubstantiated statements about abuse.

Other decisions in this context are outright dangerous.

Clear and present danger

First and foremost, face masks are used to prevent the spread of bacteria (either way), not viruses. There’s a world of difference between these two, and the basic issue here is quite simple: face masks do not stop viruses going either way.

There’s one more issue, and it is quite depressing that those who are trying to boss us aren’t (or do not seem to be) aware of it: face masks can be mortally dangerous. Especially in situations where a person wearing it exerts physical energy. Not only have there been reported and documented cases of carbon monoxide poisoning, but several medical attendants reported cases of pleurisy. Some so-called fact-checking organizations pooh-poohed such mentions, especially those made on social media, but it seems these so-called fact-checkers would do well to return to school, starting with Grade One (or Kindergarten, even).

To explain: pleurisy is an inflammation of a thin layer of tissue that wraps your lungs. It is caused by a bacterial or viral infection. The layer is known as pleura. Its layers fit snugly within your chest, lined with another thin layer of pleura.

These layers help prevent your bare lungs from rubbing against the wall of your chest cavity every time you breathe in. There’s also a bit of fluid within the narrow space between the two layers of pleura to keep everything moving smoothly.

There is nobody in this world who is completely free of both bacteria and viruses. All of us carry many of them. We need some of these little creatures in order to survive. On top of it, all of us may carry even all kinds of the most dangerous cancer-triggering viruses, and we may end up going through our lives without ever suffering from the disease.

Breathing in and out without any hindrance is one of the ways our bodies keep that healthy balance. Face masks can (and often do) become the obstacle that artificially upsets it, and we end up being hit by a disease that we would have never encountered if we could breathe freely both ways.

This is how simple the equation is, really.

Addicted to power

But: all those Napoleons, feeling they have been granted powers they hadn’t known existed, will not let go of their own will.

Earlier this year, people in several European countries took to the streets to protest this artificial hysteria. They said no to mandatory vaccination, and no to mandatory face masks, as well. Their governments sent the police to chase them away. The result was rather shocking: police officers in Spain, Germany, Italy, Great Britain (and elsewhere) sided with the demonstrators. They realized that they shared the boat with the protesters. The mandatory vaccination and mandatory face masks dangers involved them, too, just as they do everybody else.

If those 6,000 who got their exemption cards in Edmonton wanted to show their disapproval, they did so in a way known as typically Canadian: politely, without even suggesting to their city council where they should go with their policies, and how long they should stay there.

They should have been more outspoken. Edmonton’s official motto reads: Industry, Integrity, Progress. Those (many) who disagree with what their city’s council has been up to the last few decades, should tell their councillors to behave. And they should add a bit of blackmail: if you don’t behave the way you should to meet the requirements of our motto, you will be out of jobs come the next election.

To just shrug and say, ooops, dear council members, we misbehaved, but, our word of honour, we’ll do better next time, permits the itsy-bitsy dictators to develop into full-size totalitarian bosses against whom their employers no longer have any recourse.

Is this what Edmontonians (and, come to think of it, all Canadians in general) really want?

If the answer is no, then the time has come to drop the mask of politeness and kick the rascals out.

One thought on “Politics as usual? No way!

  1. Villa Adam August 18, 2020 at 10:01 Reply

    Mily Petre dekuji za nekolik poslednich tvych clanku,ktere jsi poslal.

    K tomu poslednimu bych rada napsala par slov. V prve rade je videt ,ze politikareni a politikove se chovaji velmi podobne at uz u nas,nebo v Kanade,nebo jinde.

    Jak se rika :  “ryba smrdi od hlavy”. A touha po moci je velka droga. 

    Nejsmutnejsi na tom je,ze lide  u nas, v posledni dobe  maji tendenci  se chovat jako poslusne  stado ac remcaji,remcaji  a cekaji na co ? Na nejake spaseni z “hury “. Nebo prikyvuji a dokonce mam dojem ze se uz zase zacinaji   i bat. 

    Zakoupila jsem si knihu ,kterou napsal Robert Slachta s Josefem Klimou. Mam uz ji temer prectenou ( casu na cteni ,opravdu mam malo) a ne ze bych se dozvedela neco uplne noveho. Jen jsem si potvrdila ,ze  ta politicka chobotnice propojena se zlocinem ma stale vice chapadel a k lepsimu se nic nezmenilo,ani asi nezmeni. Iluze jsou pryc .

    Co se tyka covidu ,tak mam z nej opravdu strach,protoze mam (i dkyz zatim mirne) astma,kazdorocne  jsem se na podzim nechavala ockovat,abych alespon zmirnila prubeh zimnich viroz. Myslim ze to pomahalo.

    Jsem smutna take z toho,ze zrejme se nebudu moc vidat behem zimy s detma v Londyne.Do letadla se bojim vlezt,prave z  duvodu mozneho onemocneni.

    Nejsem schopna posoudit do jake miry je kolem toho onemocneni vyvolana hysterie,zbytecne straseni lidi ani  za jakym ucelem.

    Je tezke se v tom orientovat,informace jsou protichudne,neustale se vse meni,zatim statistiky dle meho nazoru nejsou uplne presne, ani verohodne.

    Na druhe strane jsem behem posledniho pulroku  zazila v Cesku   chovani lidi,kteri  jsou potvzenim toho,ze  dodrzovat jakakoliv narizeni ,ale hlavne ohleduplnost  vuci ostatnim, jsou pojmy  jim  na hony vzdalene !

    Nicmene musim dodat ,ze jeste  v case pred covidem se nekteri lide v letadle chovali tak,ze jsem byla casto znechucena. Smrkali,kaslali ,nebo spis chrchlali ,aniz by si dali alespon ruku pred usta, nybrz prskali sve sliny po okoli. Posledni dva roky ,jsem do letadla  mela sebou vzdy satek,nebo salu,abych se alespon trochu chranila.V dobe covidove jsem zazila nescetnekrat,ze zamnou v obchode a i jinde stala zenska uplne na me nalepena,aniz by dodrzovala odstup alespon 50 cm,coz by mi bylo neprijemne i bez covidu.

    Optimismu ubyva, ale  raduji se ,ze nikdo z mych nejblizsich neni nemocny a modlim se,aby to tak zustalo.

    Mej se  hezky Petre .



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