China, the new great colonizer?

Canada’s government acts as if it wasn’t aware of this: China, meaning the People’s Republic of, has concluded a treaty with Iran. It covers what the two parties describe as ‘strategic co-operation,’ and the facts that have become known since the signing are ominous.

Judging by Canada’s current government’s ideology, it may very well be possible that the new China-Iran deal is yet another reason why to enhance co-operation between Canada and the People’s Republic, and why to continue sabotaging measures that are supposed to keep most modern weapons of mass destruction away from Iran’s hands.

These matters are judged best within their context.

With an eye on the White House

Intelligence sources suggest there are three countries that would dearly want to see Donald Trump lose this fall’s election. All three are ready to get involved as actively as they can. Each has different reasons, but their objective is the same.

President Trump treats communist China as a thief that she is: she has been using her current and former citizens working abroad to procure technology that she isn’t capable of developing by herself.

He also treats communist China as a bandit that she is, as she is willing to spread all kinds of mortally dangerous threats all over the world. Make sure to count the coronavirus out of this. The so-called China virus in President Donald Trump’s description is an artificial attack that has nothing to do with reality; it was created only to serve as a tool to scare most of humankind into subservience.

President Donald Trump treats Iran as a permanent danger to pedestrians and traffic that she is, thanks to her ideology. He limits the Ayatollahs’ access to such popular toys as nuclear weapons and sundry similar technology. Iran’s leaders are not making any secret of their desire to threaten the so-called Western civilization (or whatever is left of it) using these weapons. You can easily and logically call President Trump’s steps a perfectly logical act of self-defence, even though the Ayatollahs take a dim view of anyone who begs to disagree with them.

And neither is Vladimir Putin’s Russia too happy with President Donald Trump. Putin wants to restore Russia’s imperial grandeur, and Trump stands in her way.

Donald Trump must have read a book or two about Russia’s history: Mother Russia (мама Россия) knows no other way how to become and remain strong than expansion.

Besides, and that’s an unforgivable sin, no matter how hard they try, the Russians have nothing to blackmail Trump about.

Hillary Clinton, with her underhanded skulduggery such as selling her government access and influence for money, unusual departures of former subordinates into the netherworld, strange fundraising methods, and never mind the sale of U.S. uranium top Russian government agency, has been much easier to blackmail (легче шантажировать).

The same goes for Joe Biden. His own shockingly boastful (and knowingly very public) statement describing in minute detail how he blackmailed then-Ukrainian President Pyotr Poroshenko into firing a prosecutor who had been probing Biden family’s somewhat strange business practices in Ukraine would be enough. Considering Biden blackmailed the Ukrainian politician, and made the statement about it, while still serving as Barack Hussein Obama’s vice-president, it would be more than enough.

One thing remains strange: neither Mrs. Clinton (and her husband, for that matter), nor Mr. Biden are behind bars yet. But that’s another topic for another day.

What’s the big deal?

The two exalted negotiating sides are describing the new deal as a strategic treaty that includes both economic and military aspects.

So far as the economy goes, China has secured a quarter-of-a-century worth supply of Iranian oil at bargain basement prices.

In return, China will invest $400 billion (U.S., of course) in Iran’s economy. Not immediately, and not all of it at the same time: over the next 25 years, which makes it sheer peanuts for the People’s Republic.

The military part of the deal is much more ominous: joint manoeuvres, armament sharing (both the weapons themselves, and their delivery systems), intelligence data and analysis sharing. China will be able not only to use Iran’s military bases but build her own, as well. Her military will be freely using Iranian ports, and basically occupy several islands off Iran’s mainland.

Interestingly, even though Russia is not China’s bosom friend, and her relations with Iran aren’t the warmest, either, her military did take part in several joint manoeuvres with the two countries.

Practical considerations rule. For example: why the mullahs have kept their mouths shut about China’s harsh treatment of her own Muslim population remains a delicate secret.

One of Iran’s close neighbours has been viewing the development askance: Israel.

The Promised Land’s authorities have hinted they are reconsidering whatever agreements they have entered into with China. Many of those deals Israel has negotiated with the People’s Republic will have to be replaced by new agreements. The U.S. came to their minds first – and here they paused: they were thinking of new deals with Canada, but that borders on the impossible these days, given the open anti-Semite now running the country.

Iranian uneasiness

Not everybody in good old Persia is too enthusiastic about the newest deal.

While the mullahs proclaim the agreement with China a godsend (Allahsend would sound better in their case), a headline in the Iranian newspaper Arman-e Melli, for example, surprisingly criticized the government: “Iran is not Kenya or Sri Lanka (to be colonized by China).”

While it is not known with any certainty whether Arman-e Melli’s editors who had permitted such an outrage are still alive, several other remarks published in Iran government-owned media, more or less openly critical of the agreement have given observers pause. They question why China is to be allowed to have full authority over Iran’s islands, gain access to Iran’s oil at highly discounted rates and increase its influence and presence in almost every sector of Iranian industry, including telecommunications, energy, ports, railways, and banking.

From the point of theory of negotiations it really made no sense for Iran to give China such low prices for oil: China, as the world’s largest importer of oil, is in no position whatsoever to dictate the prices for the commodity it needs so badly.

But the Arman-e Melli newspaper hit the nail on the head.

China, while maintaining its strict communist ideology, has come up with a pragmatic solution. It would permit individuals to enrich themselves, so long as it benefitted the state and help its growth. There are limits, invisible from the outside, but well known inside. Whoever crosses the invisible lines can expect a bullet in the neck, more often than not, right in public square. Public executions are supposed to scare others and remind all and sundry that they should keep their mouths shut and continue serving.

Megalomania in action

China has become a world economic power, but she seems to feel that this is not enough. The People’s Republic wants to own the world. She has been trying to do just that by lending untold trillions to the U.S., thus becoming America’s greatest creditor. Imagine the shock when new President (Donald Trump) came in and undercut this uneven relationship almost in one fell swoop.

Except: Chinese communist rulers realized Western civilization has become too spoiled. Too lazy for her own good. This is not a new phenomenon. Chairman Mao said so on the occasion of publishing the first set of his famous slogan-driven Red Book. Today’s People’s Republic’s government simply follows in Great Helmsman’s footsteps.

The Chinese have taken note of the Malthusian thinking in the minds of today’s mighty and came up with a brilliant solution: why not scare the rest of the humankind out of its wits, and then just collect what remains of the ruined nations of the world.

Guess what: it works!

Just as Sherlock Holmes had his Moriarty, and James Bond had his Dr. No, the world now has its People’s Republic of China.

Except: the two former foes were the result of their authors’ imaginations, while the latter is too real for us to ignore. If we try to shrug China off, we’re doing it at our own risk.

Someone should tell the rascals who govern Canada today.

Will they listen? Will they hear?

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