Like sheep to slaughter, to Generation Five drumbeat

A spectre is haunting the world — the spectre of Generation Five communications systems.

If we rise against it now, not tomorrow or the day after, but now, right away, we still may have a bit of a chance of survival. If we don’t, we’re doomed.

First of all, what is it?

Herewith, an enthusiastic attempt at a definition from the usually reliable LiveScience website: 5G is yet another generation of cellular technology, the next great leap in speed for wireless devices. This speed includes both the rate with which mobile users can download data to their devices and the latency, or lag, they experience between sending and receiving information.

Data delivery rates are 10 to 100 times faster than current 4G networks. Users should expect to see download speeds on the order of gigabits per second (Gb/s), much greater than the tens of megabits per second (Mb/s) speeds of 4G.

Big Brother growing fast

One of the dangers of these new technologies is that they can be abused for all kinds of nefarious social engineering schemes.

Generation Five equipment helps increase the efficiency and effectiveness of yet another technology: electronic face recognition. Not only because of its speed of data transmission. It simply improves what the supporters of humanity’s return to 1984 of George Orwell’s imagination think is an absolutely required feature of government: controlling every citizen’s move and action whenever they are within range of these tools.

And governments are making darned sure that everybody who dares leave their home is within range. Not only the government of the China People’s Republic, where one would expect it (and would not be really too shocked by the news of almost half-a-million of such systems now patrolling almost all of the country). The city of New Glasgow in Canada’s province of Nova Scotia has decided to spend a bit of their taxpayers’ money on installling a network of face recognition cameras, too.

It’s for your own good, they say, it’s for your own safety and security.

Incredibly, but in a debate on the topic on a social media platform, there did appear at least one Canadian who is buying into this nonsense.

Of course, there exists yet another school of thought: if you haven’t done anything wrong, you have nothing to fear.

A minor reminder: if you call your bank, for example, or any similar outfit where money or personal data is involved, the first thing you hear is: this conversation is being recorded. If you have issues with that, tell us in advance.

See, that’s the law. Simply put: no eavesdropping without your knowledge.

What else is face recognition? Especially face recognition using the new, already fifth, generation of software and gadgets to gather data about you without you knowing about it?

Different views? No, different approach to facts

Enthusiasts speak of inevitable technical progress, as if difference in transmission speeds and other such innovations could save the world.

Realists speak of inherent dangers. And there are many of those.

Is it the ability of the new equipment to spy on all and sundry without them ever realizing that whoever wants to know everything about them, can do so through just a few clicks?

Or is it the impact of the newest technology on human health, even in those who prefer talking to one another face to face, without any technical implements standing in the way?

To sum up: the 5G technology can kill us all, but the enthusiasts’ voices sound louder because there is money to be made in building and promoting the new gadgetry.

So, for a change, here is a realist’s call: what the technological enthusiasts do is pure l’art pour l’art (art for the art’s sake, meaning: having no meaning). It does not contribute to our progress one iota. In fact, it is dangerous. Use the good old Mafia logic: when in doubt, have no doubt. Stop the spread of this unwarranted obsession once and for all.

No, this does not mean we should return to caves, start chasing mammoths for subsistence again, try to learn how to start a fire yet again, and forget about the existence of the wheel.

What we should do is follow an old physicians’ risk-to-benefit comparison formula that helps them decide when to use a medication or not. The idea is simple: will this or that pill help the patient, or will its side effects be more dangerous than the benefits of the treatment?

It would sound logical that when a new technology is linked to an increased number of critical, often deadly, ailments, that this particular technology should be removed from circulation until it is either proven beyond any resonable doubt that the link is not real, or until prevention is in place.

As it is now, data show that the negative impact of cellular telephony on human health has been very real (since its inception). That same data show that society as such has not made a single move to have this danger to itself limited, if not removed altogether.

Electronic suicide

The more we learn about nature, the scarier it is.

Yes, our predecessors were scared of every sign of something unusual, from the sounds of thunderstorms all the way to the silence of the vast forests and the howls of wild animals.

But it’s nothing when compared to our knowledge of the Earth’s own energies, of the Universe that surrounds us. And then we learn, as we have only very recently, that our artificial electric (or electronic, if you wish) waves not only interfere with what our planet has been emitting for millions of years. The effect shocks our bodies. It has hit our bodies with incredible suddenness, and we, as human beings, have had no time to prepare ourselves to be able to adjust.

That, in short, and without using any scientific language that supports these findings, is where we’re at. By blindly agreeing to the imposition of these newest technologies, we are committing electronic suicide.

Some may object: but we have never agreed to the introduction of this or that new technology.

Except: silence gives consent. This is an ageless principle, expressed in the good old wedding ceremony formula: speak now or forever hold your peace. Why, you may find it in good old Latin books of wisdom and law as qui tacet consentit,even.

Nobody asked us, either, anyway, others would say.

Absolutely. But why did we all get accustomed to the notion that everybody and their dog would share with the rest of humanity formulas and inventions that not only may be questionable but are, in fact, also part of a potentially profitable business propositions? Where is our own responsibility?

Not to put too fine a point on it, even the World Health Organization (WHO) had warned (nine years ago) that the Radio Frequency radiation (RF for short) can be carcinogenic: RF Radiation can lead to things like cancer, crib death, DNA damage (especially in infants and fetuses) and male infertility.

Generation Five technology spreads its death wings at ultra high frequencies and with ultra high intensity, compared to earlier technologies. That, in and of itself, makes it even more dangerous.

The excitement about the cool things that will help us live faster is contagious. But: yes, we will be able to download movies in a few seconds. Will we live long enough to watch them in their entirety?

What for?

For whatever reason, we have been indoctrinated by the snake-oil merchants of communications that we need to transmit more and more data. Not only that: we need to send and receive that data fast and faster, and to survive, we need the entire country covered, without a single area that can’t accept signals from around the corner.

Malarkey? Malarkey!

The first generation (remember those telephones used so people can speak to one another?) found lower (analogue) frequencies satisfactory. The signal could travel rather long distances, too. Buildings and trees did it little or no harm.

Humans of limited imagination (and/or education) were not satisfied. They asked for more. In return, they got 2G and 3G systems. That gave them texting and even some access to the Internet.

That would lead to higher frequencies.

Nice. But how about full access to the Internet, including video streaming?

Sure, said the snake-oil merchants of communications, here you are: Generation Four.

And now we have Generation Five coming up. We’ll be getting the so-called Internet of things, something too complicated to explain other than that it will connect everything with computer functionality to the Internet. Self-driving cars, refrigerators, making sure your in-house heating is set to temperatures you prefer between the moment you leave your office and the instant you open the garage door at home, all of it, plus all kinds of data sharing.

And someone, you don’t know who, and the snake-oil merchants of communications won’t tell you, will have all of this information about you at their fingertips. Be it your government, or another government, or a bunch of hackers out for ill-gained profit, either option is scary.

Besides, this 5G technology will require many more relay stations than today’s technologies ever dreamt of. Meaning: the strength of their signal, that is, the signal that has direct impact on your health, will be that much higher.

What should we do?

We have nothing to lose but our (and our children’s, and their children’s) health and freedom. We have our health and freedom (and that of our children, and their children) to win. Thinking people of all countries, unite!

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