Never give up, Hockey Unlimited’s next episode will tell us

We all have heard about career-ending injuries. But there are people among us who would never give up.

The sixth episode of the documentary series, Hockey Unlimited, opens with a story about exactly this kind of people. Premiering on Rogers Sportsnet on Monday, March 23, it will run on the network for the next couple of weeks.

Produced by Edmonton’s own Aquila Productions, the first segment of Hockey Unlimited, Episode 6, will introduce us to a group of high-performance athletes from across the country. They have overcome serious illnesses and accidents to play sledge hockey. We will meet Canada’s national team, a group of people who engage in hard-hitting, fast-paced and ultra-competitive Hockey From a Low Angle.

It takes all kinds to people this earth. Some of us wouldn’t be able to remember a thing from the past if they didn’t have a memento. You know the saying: been there, done that, got the t-shirt, right? This strange urge gave birth to intensive memorabilia trade, and sports memorabilia have become a major part of it. The segment named The Name Game introduces us to a couple of memorabilia aficionados. They are Dale and Janet, and their basement has become a veritable fan cave. A personal sports memorabilia shrine, even.

No, the series will not reveal their address.

Whenever we debate the greatest hockey players of all time, Bobby Orr’s name comes up with unsurprising regularity. Most lists of potential candidates for the title (honourable as it is) will include such names as Cam Neely or Pavel Bure. What do all these guys have in common? Their careers ended prematurely because of major knee injuries.

It must be a matter of general regret that today’s methods of treatment didn’t exist then, when these players suffered the pain and anguish of ruined knees. The Hockey Unlimited segment called Saving Knees will introduce us to modern surgical methods, such as arthroscopy, as well as state-of-the-art sports rehabilitation medicine. More and more players whose careers would have been ruined just a scant couple of decades ago are returning to play the game they love.

And of course, we will get to see and enjoy valuable tips on hockey fitness from high-performance personal trainer Simon Bennett and on-ice skills from NHL instructor Steve Serdachny.

So remember to tune in to Sportsnet Monday, March 23, and check your local listings for repeat broadcasts, too.

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