Western mainstream media play into the hands of Russian police cover-up

The sheer and unadulterated naïveté of western mainstream media borders on – and now we have two options. It’s either a frightful lack of education, or an even more frightful stupidity.

Here’s the case: the most important (and knowledgeable) Russian opposition politician, Boris Nemtsov, is murdered just as he is on his way to a meeting at which he plans to reveal a few of the dirtiest secrets of the current Russian administration. That administration is led by a former high-ranking officer of the former Soviet secret service and espionage agency, the KGB. The agency, by the way, is still well, even though a couple of decades has passed since the official end of communism in the country. It exists under a few different names, but it still keeps the same offices, and its bosses are the same guys who used to work there under the one-party system. These people are all faithful to their country’s president: he’s one of them, always has been, too, after all, and it’s been at his pleasure that they had been allowed them to keep their jobs.

In any crime, investigators ask one simple question first. In Latin it sounds like this: cui bono? English translation (verbatim): to whose benefit?

In the Boris Nemtsov murder, the answer simple and straightforward: Vladimir Putin benefits. Judging by what Boris Nemtsov had already revealed, his forthcoming revelations were expected to mention unmentionable atrocities committed by the current regime. The worst part about it for Putin and his gang: Boris Nemtsov’s accusations have always been perfectly documented. One could not expect it to be otherwise in the current situation.

Whether we’ll ever find out (in general or in any detail) what Boris Nemtsov planned to say remains to be seen. The only thing we know for a fact is that it was explosive enough for someone to risk killing him.

Suspicions turned towards the Kremlin within seconds. But Russian police investigators – all of them in the service of their government and knowing that it is their duty to defend it at all cost – began forwarding all kinds of theories within minutes.

Such as: Boris Nemtsov upset a number of Ukrainian politicians because of his critical views of the developments in that country. They omitted to say, of course, that Nemtsov was against the Russian separatists whom he compared to Konrad Henlein’s Sudeten Germans. That was the group that had helped dismantle the former Czechoslovakia before the Second World War. They also, somehow, forgot that Nemtsov went so far as to compare Putin’s rhetoric to that Adolf Hitler when he defended the Sudeten Germans’ rights.

As soon as someone realized that these omissions weren’t helpful, the theory changed. Muslim terrorists has become the theory du jour. Doesn’t matter whence, and doesn’t matter why, either. Everybody is scared of the Islamists (and rightfully so), why not add some fuel to these flames?

Now, Russian police reports say, they’ve got some people from Chechnya in their hands, and the explanation is obvious: the Chechens hate Putin and they wanted to give him a black eye by murdering his opponent and having the world blame Putin.

How perfectly elegant!

The Chechens, of course, do hate everything that is Russian and everyone who is Russian. And why not? The methods the Russian military use to install Pax Ruthenia, or peace as the Russians prefer it to be, give ruthlessness a brand new meaning. The Islamic State murderers could take their correspondence courses from the Russians in Chechnya.

It is quite possible that the Chechens now in Russian custody will admit to cunningly planning and executing the plan to kill Boris Nemtsov. Russian police do not have to put up with nosy journalists who would expose their torture methods. Most of those who’d dare are either dead, killed in inexplicable circumstances, or silent, or in hiding.

In any case, the Islamist theory doesn’t hold water: this is not their modus operandi. This is not the way they do business. Beheading Vladimir Putin in front of Al-Jazeera television cameras would be the way they would get back at Vladimir Putin. Not murdering his opponent to give him a black eye.

All of this is pretty obvious to anyone with a modicum of knowledge and experience in ways how the Russians do business.

Not the Western mainstream media.

The arrested Chechen guy’s sister says – for the record, too – that all the signs point to the Kremlin. Judging by what she’s saying and how she’s saying it, she seems to know a thing or two about what she’s talking about.

Most Western mainstream media ignore her altogether. Those mainstream media that do not ignore her treat her statement as a biased opinion. We’re all entitled to our opinions, no matter how biased or stupid, right? So, this is the way they dismiss her.

What gets the major play? The Russian police statement.

There’s a world of difference between how the police see themselves in, say, Canada, and what role they have in Russia. In Russia, it is their duty to do their government’s bidding. In Canada, it is their duty to uphold the law, not the government of the day.

Same holds for the U.S.

Is the sheer and unadulterated naïveté of western mainstream media a sign of a frightful lack of education or an even more frightful stupidity?

It seems that it’s the combination of both.

Heavens forbid!

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