Edmonton Catholic School Board makes peace with Muslims. Really?

Rid the world of the infidel dogs. If it takes killing them, so much the better. If they surrender and convert to our faith, not bad, either: the more slaves we’ve got, the better off we are.

Which faith do these words come from?

If you guessed Islam, you were correct.

Bluntly put, while the Muslims’ methods border on the uncivilized, the tenor is quite logical. Most religions are (and have always been) of the view that theirs is the only perfect way to worship. Christian religions are not exempted. Just remember the Inquisition. Except: most religions have abandoned these harsh methods of dealing with those who either choose to believe differently, or who, for Heaven’s sake, foolishly decide not to join any organized church at all.

Still, the only major religion that believes that those who beg to differ and subscribe to other beliefs ought to be condemned is (and has always been) Islam.

Edmonton Catholic School Board seems to think the Muslims don’t really mean it. Its promotional literature features a photograph of a girl wearing hijab. This kind of head covering indicates that the wearer is of Muslim faith.

An important distinction: not all Arabs are Muslim. There are quite a few Arabs who have devoted their lives to Christianity. And this really means: their lives. Should anyone wish to know what happens to them, just watch the news coming from, say, Egypt. It’s not as if the atrocities against Christian Arabs were happening centuries ago. No, they are happening now. Right now.

Why? Simply because Christian Arabs are firmly convinced that not everybody in this world wants (or aspires) to be a Muslim.

Naïveté beyond belief

Asked whether the Edmonton Catholic School Board was aware it had been drumming up custom in quarters not really friendly towards any kind of Christianity, and that includes the Catholic faith, the reply was shocking: we’re all-inclusive.

Well, come to think of it, not really.

A few quotes here.

Those who apply for enrollment in an Edmonton Catholic School, are required to read and sign (in agreement) this statement that is part of the registration form: “The Alberta Human Rights Act requires Edmonton Catholic Schools to give notice to a parent or guardian when courses of study, educational programs, institutional materials, instruction or exercises include subject matter that deals primarily and explicitly with religion.

The essential purpose of our schools is to fully permeate Catholic theology, philosophy, practices and beliefs, the principles of the Gospel and teachings of the Catholic Church, in all aspects of school life, including in the curriculum of every subject taught, both in and outside of formal religion classes, celebrations and exercises.

Have you noticed anything about the Koran in this statement?

The requirement continues thus: “If Religion is other than the Catholic faith, please sign the following acknowledgement: I hereby acknowledge and accept the values and philosophy of a Catholic school and that my child will participate in the prayer life, church and church related activities, religious courses, instruction and exercises in which Catholic ethical and moral standards are taught. Additionally, I am aware that my child is being admitted to this school as a non-resident student, and because of this, the District accepts the responsibility for my child’s education until such time as my child finishes his or her program in this school, voluntarily withdraws, or is expelled from the District.

Is it discrimination, by any chance?

Of course it is. As it should be, too. If anyone wants to study elsewhere, without having to agree in advance to a set of beliefs, public schools are a wonderful alternative.

Come to think of it, let’s say it openly: discrimination, in and of itself, is a pretty good thing.

If you’re selecting a bride or a groom, you’re discriminating against all those who had submitted applications, and never mind those who had never heard of your existence. (Wives, especially, like to say they should have and could have picked anybody over you, and they would have been better off, but that is just folklore.)

When you’re buying, say, meat in your local grocery store, you’re discriminating against all those other pieces the store has on offer: no, you don’t want ribs today, your taste buds are set on a schnitzel.

Yes, the moronic politically correct crowd would say, but how about discrimination based on sex? Or religion?

Well, would you expect a guy, no matter how handsome or ugly, promoting goods used for female hygiene, on television?

Would you expect someone who believes there’s only one Almighty, and his name is Allah, serving as a rabbi in a kibbutz?

Dealing with mortal enemy

What has all this to do with the perfectly idiotic decision by the Edmonton Catholic School Board to offer its hallowed halls of learning to their mortal enemy?

It has become a modern trend, a fashion, even, for western civilisations to beg for pardons from all and sundry for injustices, real and perceived, that had happened centuries ago. It goes so far as African-Americans (another politically correct and, simultaneously, stupid description) adopting Muslim names and, at the same time, accusing America and Americans for the crime of slavery. They don’t know their history. Muslims, who, by the way, still consider this kind of ownership perfectly fine and dandy, had sold them into slavery in the first place. And they should know that it had been the Americans, together with the Brits, who had led the struggle against slavery.

It is perfectly appalling to see the Pope apologising to the Muslims for the Crusades. One would have expected that if anyone knew his history, it would be the Holy Father. Who knows, he might. If he does, he must know that Crusades were a two-way street. Christians were defending their holy places. That’s all. And in case you weren’t aware, desecration is the Muslim way to handle holy places they manage to take over, usually by force. Not: WAS the way. IS the way. And NOT only Christian or Jewish holy places.

Footage of a gang of Muslims, led by their priests, destroying the graves of Allied soldiers who had fought the Nazis in the deserts of Africa has been going viral the last couple of years.

Logical, after all: Muslim mullahs believe to this day that it is a pity Adolf Hitler was deprived of the chance to finish his “sacred duty” of the Holocaust.

An aside: what happened once the footage of the desecration of Allied graves made the Internet? Not much. The British government issued a modest, shy and unassuming tut-tut. Analysts say that the British reaction was so mute because they feared lest they insult the masses of Muslims who live in Britain, many of them illegally.

Responsibility abandoned

It is within this context that the Edmonton Catholic School Board sees itself fit to announce its schools are all-inclusive. They must be perfectly illiterate. How? They aren’t aware of the fact a number of Arabs are Christian rather than Muslim. The other option would be that they have been blinded by the sheer stupidity a.k.a. political correctness. One wonders which option bodes better for Edmonton Catholic schools’ students.

Of course, if a Muslim decided to convert (to Catholicism, in this instance), that would call for fatwa. Automatic death sentence, that is. How many would dare?

Certainly, Christians will tell you that if somebody hits you, you ought to offer the other cheek for similar punishment. Except not even the most literal and ancient Christian religious writings stipulate you ought to behave like lamb led to slaughter when it’s your life that’s at stake.

Some say it’s not true that ostriches put their heads in the sand when they spot danger. Still, the saying remains. And it fits not only the Edmonton Catholic School Board, but all of the politically correct and frightfully naïve folks, too.

A school board, be it a public or religious institution, has but one responsibility only: to educate those in their care and prepare them for life in the real world.

Political correctness in any shape or form just doesn’t cut it.

And sleeping with the enemy doesn’t do the job, either.

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2 thoughts on “Edmonton Catholic School Board makes peace with Muslims. Really?

  1. Jiri Adler June 1, 2014 at 05:34 Reply

    Well put, indeed.



  2. Inkavo June 2, 2014 at 17:24 Reply

    Very well said. Inka Dne 01/06/2014 03:34, Our City, Our World, Our Universe napsal(a): > WordPress.com > Peter Adler posted: “Rid the world of the infidel dogs. If it takes > killing them, so much the better. If they surrender and convert to our > faith, not bad, either: the more slaves we’ve got, the better off we > are. Which faith do these words come from? If you guessed Isla” >


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