Oil Change about to hit the airwaves

Popular documentary’s second-season opener to appear Friday on CityTV, Sunday on Sportsnet West

Oiler fans, this is a reminder: at 8 p.m. this Friday, Oct. 21, turn your television sets on, click all the way to CityTV, and watch. This season’s Oil Change is about to begin. If you can’t make it on Friday, turn to Sportsnet West on Sunday, Oct. 23, at 11 p.m. This is the lone occasion for such a late start: major league baseball’s World Series airs right before Oil Change.

Ah, baseball. The best non-toxic replacement for sleeping pills. Especially when compared to hockey, the fastest team game on earth.

The documentary series caused a splash last season, taking hockey fans behind the scenes to show how a professional hockey club goes about re-building a once famous franchise back to its glory. The fast-paced series showed us almost everything. From the internal debates regarding whom the Oilers should select with their first overall draft pick (remember the arguments? Taylor or Tyler?) through their occasional ups and more frequent downs, with everything in between.

It didn’t waste too many words, relying on the power of pictures, instead. It was unbelievably creative in its music selections, something the show’s executive producer (and the boss of Aquila Productions, and the Oilers’ director of broadcast) Don Metz is very particular about.

Oil Change has found an almost cult-like following, seen as it was both in Canada (on TSN) and in the U.S., through the NHL Network.

Why the change of venue?

Simple. TSN is going all out to help the renewed Winnipeg Jets by broadcasting 60 of their games, while Sportsnet has committed to broadcasting 60 of the Oilers’ games. The switch, then, was perfectly logical.

Still, it’s going to be the same crew that’s going to give us this season’s series, meaning that the quality will remain as high as last season’s – if not even higher. After all, experience counts for something. And, considering this Aquila crew has been around for quite a while, no need to fear the proverbial sophomore jinx.

So, remember, Oil Change is back on. Its backstage access will give you ammunition for reasoning why your beloved club has done this and not that. It will make you better-informed fans. It will entertain you, too.

Now, what can be better?

Happy viewing!

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