What is actually the city, the world, and the universe?

Nothing much, just a name for a blog by an old geezer who doesn’t like a lot of things and who loves even more things … I’m a more than half-a-century veteran in professional journalism on both sides of the Big Pond, with other continents thrown in during that span just for fun.

I do NOT like political correctness, I fanatically hate fanaticism, and I have good reason to suspect any ideologies as criminal movements invented to rid us of independent thinking.

No, we do NOT really have to be all original thinkers. I, for one, am not one.  But at least we should be free to try.

And this is what these columns are all about.

If you get hot around the collar reading my stuff, it would please me if you tell my exactly why. Please avoid calling me names. You have a right to be stupid, and so do I. But if you tell me what was wrong in my stories, and why, I would be grateful.

Thanks for reading.

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